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How to clean aluminum siding the correct way.

How to clean aluminum siding with a power washer the correct way. By Patrick Andrews www.

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Ludwig: Painting aluminum siding

Once the rusted areas have been taken care of, I would hand wash the siding with soap and water. Acrylic latex paint does not adhere as well to dusty and dirty surfaces as oil-based products do, so having a clean surface is very important. Again, I

Clean windows make home brighter, improve appearance

“Old aluminum screens left in place for years gradually etch a pattern of deposits on the glass, much like lime deposits in the shower,” Volkart says. The etched glass is not only unattractive, but it is also more prone to cracks and chips. A

Builder's 'eco-shell' cited as saving home from Johns Island tornado

At the same time, an Amerisips-built house, fit together with structural insulated panels “to withstand 200 mph winds,” absorbed a few broken windows and minor damage to the siding and back stairs, the company says. The house is next door to homes

Ludwig: Painting aluminum siding - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


I've been following your column for years but don't recall seeing this discussed and I apologize if I just missed it at one time. My daughter and her husband bought a house in Penfield last year and it has steel siding with some texture to it. It was built in the '60s. They would like to paint it but are getting mixed responses when asking different painters and even paint... In your opinion, can it be painted, what type of paint, and what process (spray, roller, brush). They realize they will have to reside it eventually but are hoping they can buy a few years by painting it now. Although I wrote about painting aluminum siding some time ago, I’ve not seen your questions before. I don’t see why they can’t paint the siding. The first step will be to lightly sand the rusted areas. I assume they are surface-rust areas only. These areas should be sanded until the finish is down to bare metal. Wipe the areas with mineral spirits and then, when dry, prime these spots with a metal primer such as Rust-Oleum. Make sure that the bare areas are primed the same day as the bare metal is exposed. Once the rusted areas have been taken care of, I would hand wash the siding with soap and water. Acrylic latex paint does not adhere as well to dusty and dirty surfaces as oil-based products do, so having a clean surface is very important. Again, I would wash only what you plan to paint that day or the next. Once dry, you can paint the siding with a quality acrylic enamel paint. You can brush and/or roll the paint on. Most painters will probably not want to spray the siding due to the liability of the paint mist drifting elsewhere. As to how long will it last, I suspect you should see 10 years or so. maybe less, maybe more. Steel is more stable than wood and the finish should last a while if properly applied. One other thought: If the siding has visible end joints between clapboards, I would paint when it is cool and definitely not in the sun. I expect that the siding may expand slightly when warm. If so, and the siding is painted when the surface is hot, the contracting siding will show the old paint at the joints when it cools. Any painter who is adept at painting wood siding should be able to tackle your house, although as I mentioned, spraying may not be an option. As a precaution, you can always start with a small, inconspicuous area first to see how the finished paint job will look. If the final paint job is done well, I suspect that re-siding may not be necessary. I enjoy your column very much and read it every time it’s in the D&C. Sometime ago you published a recipe for roof shingle algae/moss remover. I used it a couple of years ago and it worked very well. That part of my roof is still clean. I have a developed a new area of moss and I lost my copy of the recipe. Although there are proprietary products available and companies that do use them, I have had good luck with the following: 1 quart of bleach, 1 cup of detergent and enough warm water to make up 1 gallon of mixture. I scrape and brush moss and other debris from the shingles and then apply this mixture with a garden sprayer.

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Anolon 12 Inch Covered Deep Skillet - 12 Diameter Skillet, Lid - Anodized Aluminum, Glass Lid, Silicone Stainless Steel Handle - Oven Safe


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This generously deep skillet provides ample room for family-sized one dish meals - whether it's shrimp with lots of vegetables or pasta with chicken and cream sauce, the taller sloped sides of this special skillet keep everything in the pan. The one pot clean-up is icing on the cake - or, rather, the freshly grated parmesan cheese on top. This Anolon Advanced Bronze covered deep skillet includes all the features and benefits of Anolon Advanced in a stylish and sophisticated palette and form. The warm bronze exterior and contrasting deep chocolate interior are created with tough, metal utensil safe DuPont Autograph® 2 nonstick. Restaurant tested by professional chefs, it surpasses all other standard nonstick formulas by delivering superior durability that stands up to the rigors of professional kitchen use. Rugged hard anodized aluminum, twice as hard as stainless steel, conducts heat quickly and evenly for uniform cooking. Its color-coordinated dual riveted SureGrip® handle, a combination of heavy-duty stainless steel and silicone rubber, provides a soft, confident grip and is oven safe to 400°F. The break resistant glass lid allows for constant monitoring of food while it cooks. The attractive shape and soft metallic tint provide a fresh alternative look to traditional gourmet cookware without sacrificing a speck of first-rate performance.

Refillable 2Oz Aluminum Dye/Oil Injection System

Refillable 2Oz Aluminum Dye/Oil Injection System

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $98.11

Manufacturer: Mastercool Features and Benefits Heavy duty aluminum construction Injects dye or oil into R-12 or 134a systems Refillable, any dye or oil can be used Easy twist injection system Precise injection control Heavy duty aluminum 2 oz refillable dye / oil injection system. To inject dye or oil, simply connect the injector to the low side of the A/C system and twist the handle until you reach the desired amount. The injector hose comes complete with a R134a coupler and Auto Shut-off Valve Adapter for 1/4FL systems. Injector easily allows the user to inject any dye or oil into any R-12 or 134a system.


How to Clean Aluminum Siding | Cleaning Guides
Aluminum siding is a wonderful investment to beautify your home. It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great. As with any part of your house,

8 Tips for Cleaning Aluminum Siding |
With the right materials and techniques, cleaning aluminum siding can be a very easy and effortless task.

How To Clean Aluminum Siding | Vinyl Siding Connect
How To Clean Aluminum Siding. You should clean aluminum siding annually to rinse off all the accumulated dust, pollen, and other wind borne debris.

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Liquid nails - construction glue that glue the two surfaces to each other. But different from a regular glue, liquid nails can make a big load. Shelf-life of approximately one year.
Liquid nails is based on the use of rubber polymers.
There are a number of two types of liquid nails. The first type - is in organic solvents - neoprionovye. But they are not harmless and they have sharp odor.
The second type - are on the water (water-acrylic nails). They are harmless and ecological
And by themselves they are different so that some are intended primarily for plastics and can be used in dry rooms, others are not afraid of humidity and resistant to fungi, others do not contain harmful components, you can glue all of the fourth row, fifth have high strength and fast compass, etc. Also, they are different, the setting adhesive surfaces.
Used for sealing: bath and shower rooms, door frames, sash, vents and openings, sinks, siding, cracks in walls, plaster, mezzanine, corner joints, tabletops, etc. Recommended for bonding: ceramic tiles, plasterboard, cork boards, most plastics, wood, aluminum, ceramics and glass.
Cause «liquid nails» in dry, defatted, clean surface, but not one solid layer,

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Home / Power Clean Aluminum Siding Cleaner

Home / Power Clean Aluminum Siding Cleaner
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How do you clean aluminum siding? |

How do you clean aluminum siding? |
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... Cleaning Techniques » Cleaning Metal » How to Clean Aluminum Siding

... Cleaning Techniques » Cleaning Metal » How to Clean Aluminum Siding
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Google Books

About the House with Henri de Marne
About the House with Henri de Marne
Published by Upper Access Books 2007
ISBN 094267930X,9780942679304
453 pages

"For over 32 years, homeowners throughout the US and Canada have depended on Henri de Marne to answer their questions in his syndicated newspaper column, 'First Aid for the Ailing House'. With this book, you can find the answers whenever you need them. De Marne has updated all the answers for this book, to reflect the latest in research, materials, methods, concerns, and tastes. The result is a comprehensive manual for today's homeowners, a ready reference to consult whenever things go wrong or improvements are planned"--Page 4 of cover.

Aluminum siding--care, cleaning, repainting
1 pages

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Clean windows make home brighter, improve appearance
10/16/15, via Goskagit

Extending the life of a window “Old aluminum screens left in place ... black spores that glue themselves to glass and vinyl siding and are very hard to remove completely.” A professional window-cleaning service can pinpoint the cause of the problem ...

Ludwig: Painting aluminum siding
09/26/15, via Democrat and Chronicle

Although I wrote about painting aluminum siding some time ago, I’ve not seen your questions ... as well to dusty and dirty surfaces as oil-based products do, so having a clean surface is very important. Again, I would wash only what you plan to paint ...

Home Improvement Tips for Cleaning Green Algae Off the Siding
06/29/15, via

If exterior areas of your home are in the shade and hold moisture, they can develop unsightly green algae ... and method of cleaning for older algae. You can use an oxygen bleach cleaning solution on vinyl, wood or aluminum siding without affecting ...

Necklace made from recycled aluminum can ~ 2 of 2 photos
Necklace made from recycled aluminum can ~ 2 of 2 photos

...Continued from last photo: ...I find more "energy drink" cans along the sides of the roads, then any other type can. Well, beer is common is some of the denser urban areas, but in my neighborhood its energy drink cans- red bull but even more likely Monster. Its easy to understand the booze drinkin' driver who has a real reason to toss the cans out the window, but what of the energy drink users? Didn't their mothers' teach them about littering? I will never understand it, but I for one, am happy to be "cleaning up" the roadways of their trash.

Photo by Urban Woodswalker


On the other side of my bedroom, w00t!

Photo by William Hook

This incredible house was featured in WIRED magazine!
This incredible house was featured in WIRED magazine!

read about this house in WIRED: Beach living isn't for wimps. Even around LA, the days are hot and the sea breezes can be bone-chilling. Most oceanfront homes here are heated and cooled with traditional ozone-depleting systems. But when architect David Hertz designed the three-story Panel House for Thomas Ennis, he found a cooler solution: In place of walls, he installed industrial refrigerator panels. When the house gets cool – or warm – it stays that way. Now Ennis lives in a very large, very comfortable thermos. INSULATED PANELS The 30-foot-tall by 30-inch-wide refrigerator panels – each 6 inches thick – have a foam core, an aluminum skin, and an insulation rating about four times greater than any residential wall. The exterior side of the panels is coated with industrial paint that lasts up to 40 years and requires almost no maintenance. Because they're prefab and don't need wood framing, the panels also saved a few trees and...

Photo by jonrawlinson