Exterior Painting Stucco

Parex 1229 90 lbs. Exterior Stucco - White

Features Lahabra. Color - White. Base 100. Exterior stucco. Sand: 16/20. Mix with 14 oz dry color pack concentrated pigments for desired color. Exterior stucco color coat provides a lasting. Durable color finish over fiber-47 fast wall scratch & brown. Fast wall stucco base. Portland cement plaster "brown coat" & parex stucco level coat. It is integrally colored with fade resistant pigments & is economical with low maintenance bag. Capacity - 90 lbs. Dimension - 6 x 14 x 22 in. Item weight - 90 lbs.

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Parex 1230 90 lbs. Exterior Stucco - Grey

Parex 1230 90 lbs. Exterior Stucco - Grey

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