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Dap Almond Side Winder Advance Polymer Siding & Window Sealant 00813

Named the All Season Sealant because its unique polymer formulation can be used in temperature extremes of 180 deg. F. to -30 deg. F. It can be applied to wet surfaces even during a rain storm. Provides superior adhesion with no shrinkage and stays flexible. Adheres particularly well to: Vinyl siding, aluminum, cedar siding, hardy board, masonry, metal, and all woods. It can be painted after 2 hours. Properly applied, this product will have lifetime durability with no degradation by heat, moisture, humidity, or movement. Comes in all of the most popular colors and is the product of choice by professional siding installers. Meets ASTM codes C920 Class A. 10.1 fl. oz. cartridge.

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