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12 ft. Folding 3-pc EZ-Rizer Aluminum Motorcycle Loading Ramp System

The widest motorcycle loading ramp system available! Big Boy EZ-Rizer loading ramps are 47" wide to provide plenty of room for steady drive-on loading and unloading. Each system combines three ramps together for optimal stability and support - A strong 19" wide 1,000 lb capacity center ramp and two durable 14" wide 2,000 lb capacity side ramps. All three ramps lock together with a slide-in bracket design to help distribute weight throughout the system. MF3-14447-EZ is 12 ft. long and folds in half to 72.5"L x 5"H for carrying or storage in a pickup truck bed or trailer. EZ-Rizer is an innovative ramp system featuring a 12 degree offset, reinforced hinge which arches the ramp platform for added clearance when loading low-profile bikes. A new EZ Traction flat plate surface is engineered exclusively for the EZ-Rizer with a punched tread surface for maximum wheel grip in wet or muddy loading conditions. With the most versatile loading platform, EZ-Rizer works great for loading a variety of powered vehicles including motorcycle cruisers, street bikes, custom choppers, wall-climber dirt bikes, off-road ATV's, UTV's, or lawn and garden equipment. EZ-Rizer is built to load! A tapered approach foot and deep-lipped plate for a smooth transition on and off the ramp. Two high quality cam buckle safety tie-down straps are included. EZ-Rizer is proudly made in the USA by certified AWS welders for the highest quality standards and includes a (5) year warranty.

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