Foam Trim Stucco

DAP DRAFTSTOP Low PressureNon-Rigid Polyurethane Foam Sealant

by Dap (Welding & Soldering)

Gun grade, low pressure polyurethane foam designed to fill gaps between fenestration products and rough openings. Will provide an airtight seal and protect against water, air and sound intrusion. Non-rigid, highly elastic foam has 30% joint movement capability which resists cracking and accommodates movement and settlement to maintain an airtight, weatherproof seal. Closed cell foam will not absorb water, warp or deflect window or door frames. Bonds to vinyl, aluminum, metal, masonry, wood, stucco, and most other common building materials. Dispense with foam applicator tool (SKU 260403, DAP DRAFTSTOP Foam Applicator Tool, sold separately) for precise control. Total cure time is 24 hours, but can be trimmed or cut in 15 minutes. Approximately 1500 linear feet coverage per canister with a recommended bead of 12 IN. White. 26 ounce can.
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