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Violent Years / Girl Gang - Special - DVD

by Image Entertainment

Teenage Tramps Out For Trouble! Untamed girls in tight sweaters kill for a thrill in this pretty-but-deadly Drive-In Double Bill! From a screenplay by the one and only Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space) comes The Violent Years, the story of good-girl-gone-bad Paula Parkins, "a thrill-seeker with an over-inflated ego." Rebelling against her rich parents, Paula leads three high school hellcats in robbing a gas station, throwing a pajama party with older men, and molesting a couple at lovers' lane! But when the gang is hired to wreck a classroom for the Commies, "cop killer" is added to Paula's resume. Plus: Delinquent devil-dolls who'll do anything for dope star in Girl Gang! When not engaged in marijuana make-out parties, these joypopping Jezebels commit robberies to feed their heroin habit until a botched holdup leaves rich kid Wanda with a slug in her side, forcing an alcoholic old quack to operate on her atop a kitchen table: "I'm a respectable doctor! Even if I haven't got a license!" Two hilarious must-see camp classicks with budgets as cheap as their women. Digitally remastered, Original theatrical trailer for "The Violent Years", 100 never-before-seen behind-the-scenes publicity stills and exploitation art from "The Violent Years", Archival Short Subject #1: "Goof Balls and Tea", Archival Short Subject #2: "What About Juvenille Delinquency?", Trailers: "The Choppers," "Jacktown," "Slightly Damaged," and "Strange Compulsion", "Let's Go to the Drive-in" interactive feature of uninterrupted playback for over three hours, Classic Drive-in intermission shorts, Gallery of drive-in exploitation art, Sex Hygiene radio-spot rarities for Slightly Damaged, Drive-in intermission announcements from the projection booth. Presented in Black & White.
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