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Plasticolor Harley-Davidson bar and shield emblem utility mat

by Plasticolor (Interior Parts & Accessories)

This heavy duty rubber mat will add character to your vehicle, shop, or home. Plasticolor was founded by Gordon Bagne and Robert Klinger in 1972 in response to a demand for colorful, fashion floor mats. Up to that time, the only floor mats available were very plain. The choices were made up primarily of molded black, or clear vinyl mats, and simple one-color carpet mats. Using their expertise in molding techniques, they launched a small line of colorful, molded, fashion floor mats. The product was an instant success, which began to create a demand for other colorful accessories to match the floor mats. Before long, Plasticolor was producing a variety of accessories to complement their offering. The first licensed product opportunity came about through Warner Bros, creating the now famous Back Off" Yosemite Sam mud flap, which was introduced in 1974. Black with Harley Davidson logo. Size 16.25" x 13.75" x .25".
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