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Builder's Best 012635 Roof Vent Cap, Black Galvanized Metal, with 4-inch diameter collar

  • Removable 1/4″ x 1/4″ screen
  • Removable back draft flapper

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What are the best shingles for my home? | Roofing Improvements

MooreConstructionCo. com Need a roof repair, or maybe just a roofing upgrade and not sure what type of Shingles will protect your home and also give it.

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Freshly sealed driveway should be blocked off from traffic

Q. Please advise the person who said that his new gutter guards applied over a rubber roof were blown away by the wind that he or she can go to any professional roofing supply company that deals in rubber (EPDM) roofing materials and buy tubes of "seam

Ice dams: Advice on roof snowmelt systems

When installing snow-melt systems, I often advise my clients to consider the condition and age of the roofing material. These systems are best installed when the shingles are fairly new. The systems are smart, meaning they turn on and off based on 

School board seeks roofing consultant

For projects from 2013-2015, all of which were using Garland materials, the district paid about $18.65 per square foot. According to bid tabulations from InSpec, an independent roofing consultant, similar projects in the Twin Cities last year ranged

Freshly sealed driveway should be blocked off from traffic - Chicago Daily Herald

Source: www.dailyherald.com

1, I had my new driveway sealed after two years of letting it dry out. Within two hours, the letter carrier walked across the wet driveway, then put eight tar footprints on my cement porch and proceeded to make another 20 feet of prints down the other side of the driveway. There is nothing I can do about the 29 prints on the asphalt, unless I resurface it. It already cost me $130. I don't know if I can even put two coats on in one month. But my big problem is the tar prints on my cement porch, and the post office told me there's nothing they can do. I'm a 69-year-old gal who lives northwest of Chicago. I'm by myself and it looks like the mess is mine, as I was planning on selling next spring. I already tried vinegar and bleach to no avail. Whoever applied the sealer on your driveway should have blocked access to it until the sealant had dried thoroughly. To get the right procedure to remove the footprints, you need to know what sealant was used. If the sealer is cutback coal tar, a commercial product like Sure Klean Asphalt and Tar Remover may do the job. com and click on Products followed by Sure Klean. I suggest that you call the people who applied the sealant and ask them to come and clean the mess. Please advise the person who said that his new gutter guards applied over a rubber roof were blown away by the wind that he or she can go to any professional roofing supply company that deals in rubber (EPDM) roofing materials and buy tubes of... " This product is made specifically for use on rubber roofing and will help to bond the gutter guard into place. Be advised that he may need to buy a gallon of seam sealer cleaner to assure maximum adhesion to the EPDM roof material. With what I know of the situation, the solution to the reader's problem is not to glue the gutter guard to the rubber roof, as it would create a "dam" that blocks the proper evacuation of water and of other creations of nature. The gutter guard should be set below the roof's drip edge. But thank you for the information about the available seam caulk. I have had Pella replacement windows for approximately 20 years. The vinyl window trim and screen frames have faded over the years. The inside is stained wood, so there is no problem. I intend to have the screening replaced, and if it is possible to do, I would prefer to repaint the screen frames prior to replacing the screens. I live in a suburb just northwest of Chicago. Clean the vinyl thoroughly and apply a coat of B-I-N over it, followed by a compatible latex paint. We have to redo our bathroom, including a glass block window. The room's only ventilation is through a ceiling fan. We took down the ceiling drywall and fiberglass insulation that was above it. We noticed the insulation was damp and looked like maybe mice nests were in it. Mold was visible on the underside of wood that was above the insulation. What can we do to get rid of mold and put up in ceiling that insulates properly. I am assuming that the wood with mold on it is the bottom of the roof sheathing. Is there any natural ventilation between the roof sheathing and the top of the insulation in the form of soffit and ridge venting. And was the insulation filling the rafter spaces. It sounds as if moisture from the bathroom is convecting into the rafter spaces, causing the excessive moisture problem. The presence of mice nests also suggests that there is at least one entry point. Redoing your bathroom gives you the opportunity to find and seal any suspicious place through which mice can get in. Regarding the insulation question, I need more information before I can give you whatever sensible advice I can. I would need to know the depth of the rafters, the thickness of the fiberglass insulation you removed and whether any kind of roof ventilation exists. I also need to know what type of ceiling finish you plan on installing. The mold can be dealt with by spraying it with a solution of three parts water and one part fresh Clorox bleach. I know over the years you have hit on mold, but I'm wondering if you ever ran into this. Three years ago we had new linoleum laid in our unheated breezeway. This year there was a stretch of what we believe was mold showing on top of.

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Bosch RN175-RT 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer

Bosch RN175-RT 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer


Price: $219.99

Buy with confidence! Our Reconditioned items include all necessary parts and are guaranteed to function like new, backed by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please note however that reconditioned units received from the manufacturer may or may not include accessories shown with this listing. Introducing the new Bosch Fastening System featuring Full Force Technology. 10% More Power. 20% Smaller. 100% Bosch. The same Bosch engineers who invented the most compact cordless power tools on the market have revolutionized pneumatic nailer, stapler and compressor technology. The patented new technology delivers maximum power in a compact package. This revolutionary design allows for better access into tight spaces, comfortable overhead firing, better line of sight and unprecedented all day usability. Bosch Full Force Technology guarantees the best power to size ratio in the industry. Bosch armor protects from jobsite abuse and abrasive shingles. Tool-less adjustable air exhaust. Dry fire lock-out avoids damage to work materials and internal components by preventing blank firing. Tool-less adjustable shingle guide enables user to change exposure dimension for different shingle types. Single action side load with one-step nail re-load. Includes: 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer - RN175-RT.

Stanley-Bostitch 3735404 15 Deg Steel Coil Collated Roofing Nail - 0.12 x 0.75 in.

Stanley-Bostitch 3735404 15 Deg Steel Coil Collated Roofing Nail - 0.12 x 0.75 in.


Price: $71.64

At Orgill, We provide the best hardware and home improvement products which are designed to meet your expectations and needs. We always work towards to fulfill the requirements of our end users. Our products are named for its durability with creativity and innovations. Browse the wide range of products from us which will provide you all the solutions for your home. From complete tool kits to handy instruments, there is a varied assortment at hand, ready to cater to your tastes and requirements. Glance through the range of Hardware products and choose ones that are perfect. Our products will be compatible and durable with all kinds of device. These products are recognized for its honesty, high efficiency and comprehensive services which are named for its high standard and quality. Features 15 Deg Steel Coil Collated Roofing Nail Wire Collated 15 Degree Diamond Point Galvanized Smooth Shank Specifications Size: 0.12 x 0.75" Count: 72C Dimension: 6.12" H x 13.69" W x 18.22" L Weight: 23.38 lbs


10 Best Roofing Materials for Warmer Climates - HowStuffWorks
Do you know the 10 best roofing materials? find out the 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates in this article from howstuffworks.com.

Best Roofing Materials for Longevity - About.com Home
What are the best roofing materials that will last the longest? Our answers might surprise you.

Best Materials - Official Site
Discount Roofing Supplies and Materials from Best Materials | Backer Rod, Caulking, Sealants, EPDM, np1, Snow Guards, Waterproofing, Eternabond, TPO, Roofing Screws ...

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Best Roofing Materials

Architectural metals used in buildings and structures comprise several distinctive metallic materials. Metals serve a wide variety of uses in the built landscape, including structural features, such as nails and trusses, as well as decorative features, such as doorknobs and cladding. Some metals discovered by early civilizations are still in use today. Scientific study has brought a greater understanding of the performance and limits of the various types of metals used in buildings.
The low melting point of lead permitted its use on a wide scale throughout human history. Water pipes were frequently constructed of lead, until its health hazards were publicized in the late 19th century.
Lead has been a popular roofing material for centuries, being used for roofing, flashing, gutters, downspouts, and conductor heads. Lead was best suited for low-pitched roofs, as steep roofs experienced creep. Lead roofs in regions with large temperature fluctuations, such as the mid-Atlantic states, experienced deterioration from constant expansion and contraction, called fatigue. Beginning in the 19th century, a roofing material called “terne” or “terneplate” was used, consisting of sheet iron or

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Roofing Materials - Cover Me! Which Roofing Material Is Best?

Roofing Materials - Cover Me! Which Roofing Material Is Best?
Image by www.materialsuppliers.com

All You Need to Know about Best Roofing Materials | Roof Shingles

All You Need to Know about Best Roofing Materials | Roof Shingles
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Best Roofing Materials |

Best Roofing Materials |
Image by percario.com

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What material is the best for your home's roof? http://t.co/8SIga4wYH2 #roof http://t.co/dMG5mRHgw4


Many roofing products now incorporate recycled or salvaged materials and offer energy-saving features. http://t.co/bmynrXQNT4


Roofing material comes in a variety of colors and materials. Call today to find out which is the best for your... http://t.co/hWmDVc3duR

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Regional Manager, Sales, Business Development, Construction Building Materials, Metal Roofing, Walls
10/19/15, via Engineering

The Regional Manager is responsible for maintaining a high-level, strategic relationship with the top 20% of customers or customers that constitute approximately 80% of their sales base. A Manufacturer providing premium metal roofing, wall systems ...

Shelburne voters weigh cost of school upgrades
10/18/15, via Burlington Free Press A Gannett Company

One, for $2.39 million, would pay for roof replacement, reinforcement and insulation ... They and others in the community did not feel the committee had done its best to control costs and define the needs, he said. In the interval before the current ...

The World Is Not Enough: The best Bond locations around the globe
10/18/15, via Citizen

The Kulm Hotel St. Moritz has 172 rooms, junior and luxury suites of varying sizes, all fitted with fine wooden furniture, elegant colours, premium materials and selected ... Far East', offering a blend of the best eastern and western hospitality in ...

Second Empire, Oxford
Second Empire, Oxford

[This set on the Second Empire house in Oxford contains 5 photos] This is a creative commons image, which you may freely use by linking to this page. Please respect the photographer and his work. In the South, the Second Empire style never caught on as it did in many other regions of the country. This example in Oxford, North Carolina dates from 1889, as a plaque on the porch indicates; this was towards the end of the Second Empire as a dominant architectural style. This is the Hundley-White House at 208 College Street. The home stands out for two reasons: it is Second Empire in a small Southern town; and it is pink. The brick house is essentially rectangular with two stories, the second being the slightly concave mansard roof. There appears to be a basement as well. The shingling is an alternation of pentagonal and brick-patterned material (I don’t know if slate is used on this house). No iron crestings are present. The tower, also with concave slope, is centrally placed in the...

Photo by Universal Pops (David)

H. T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Work Building 1--Facade
H. T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Work Building 1--Facade

I’m still unable to be an active Flickr participant with bandwidth limits imposed by my ISP. Flickr very actively consumes megabytes. Thank you for taking time to view this photo. If you comment, however, it’s still unlikely I’ll be able to return the favor, sad to say. [This is a series of 10 photos] This is a creative commons image, which you may freely use by linking to this page. Please respect the photographer and his work. H.T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Works was established in Emporia,, Virginia in 1914 at the junction of two rail lines—the Atlantic Coast Line and the Southern Railroad. This location was to figure in the expansion of his business. Klugel, a tinsmith, was from Danville, Illinois, learning the trade from his father. His shop produced a variety of goods for local needs such as cornices, gutters, drain pipes, stove flues, marquees, decorative details, and others. A customer, who might need prefabricated pressed metal ceilings, he would have them select...

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Pennsylvania Convention Center
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. From www.paconvention.com/art/history.asp: The Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) represents the largest public construction project undertaken in the state of Pennsylvania. The Grand Hall and Ballroom occupy the renovated Reading Terminal Trainshed, the oldest surviving single-span arched trainshed roof structure in the world, and the only one of its kind remaining in the United States. The PCC also preserved the Reading Terminal Market on the ground level of the Trainshed, maintaining the continuous use of that location as a market place since 1653. The PCC, located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, makes this convention center one of the few such major facilities actively integrated into an urban center allowing our visitors access to a host of restaurants, shops, cultural institutions and other downtown amenities. The exterior of the building reflects the traditional construction materials of the historic Philadelphia...

Photo by kevin dooley