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ST GOBAIN ADFORS AMERICA INC FDW6598-U 6 by 150 Roof Fabric, Black

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Pouring the concrete roof

Week #6 Series- Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador. Watch a team of nearly 20 men pour a concrete roof.

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X10050 Fusion Roof Anchor Post For Concrete Roofing

Honeywell (Miscellaneous)

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Google news

Lieven Dejaeghere's pool house is a glass box topped with a concrete roof

A thin concrete roof rests lightly on the glazed walls of this minimal poolside pavilion, added to a house in the Belgian village of Wannegem-Lede – the second project we've published today by architect Lieven Dejaeghere (+ slideshow). Poolhouse by

Tesla driver says concrete chunk fell from I-5, smashed car roof

The owner of a Tesla is wondering how a large piece of concrete ended up smashing the roof of his car. Andy Rebele, a local business owner, came back from rowing in Lake Union to find a crater in the panoramic roof of the car. Rebele's 2013 Tesla Model

Qujing History Museum in China features a roof shaped like an upside-down ...

"The graduated suspension of the enormous roof presents an 'anti-gravity' architecture statement that puts audiences in awe," said Atelier Alter. "The strong presence of the void reinstates the gravitas of the museum's subject matter – a profound

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Sashco Sealants 14003 Clear Roof Sealant for Rooftop Fixtures - Quart

Sashco Sealants 14003 Clear Roof Sealant for Rooftop Fixtures - Quart


Price: $25.74

Will not turn brittle in sun or cold Offers elasticity to move with the roof and strong adhesion to resist pulling away from substrate Sticks to wet or dry surfaces including galvanized or aluminum flashing, vents, downspouts, copper or aluminum roofing, PVC or ABS vent pipe, neoprene or plastic pipe flashing, brick, block, mortar, concrete, fiber cement board, acrylic or polycarbonate UV resistant Lasts longer than asphalt roof sealants Low tack, 30-minute skin time, 1-week cure time 1/8 in. thick spread Paintable with latex paint in 24 hours, or oil-based paint within 1 week.

CFI 03214 TruCleanEx Deck & Roof Cleaner Gal.

CFI 03214 TruCleanEx Deck & Roof Cleaner Gal.


Price: $26.66

TruCleanEx Deck & Roof Cleaner is a concentrate that dilutes 9:1 with water and is designed to clean the dirtiest wood decks, siding, asphalt/fiberglass shingles & cedar shake roofs, fiberglass, tile and concrete in the fastest and easiest way possible. It removes dirt, grease, grime, tree stains, pollen, pollution, mildew, algae stains and weathering. It restores original color to wood. Makes roofs look like new and whitens concrete. It can be used with a pressure washer. A gallont cut 9:1 with water will wash 2000 square feet. This cleaner is water based. Being free of bleach, it will not harm shingles or bleach wood. Do not use on painted surfaces. It will not harm your grass or shrubs. Needs no brushing or scrubbing.


Constructing a Concrete Roof - HowStuffWorks
A concrete roof can make the top of your home impermeable and unshakable to pretty much anything. Read if a concrete roof can work on any structure.

Light Weight Concrete Roofs - FlyingConcrete - Structural ...
Light Weight Concrete Roofs see photos below . Light weight concrete roof vaults are strong, comfortable, durable, easy to construct and ...

Concrete Roof | Miritini Ltd | Welcome to the Stone Age!
Concrete roof tiles are manufactured from cement, sand and pigment mixed together and pressed onto molds with a hydraulic press. Concrete tiles are an economical ...

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Concrete Roof

Royd House is a Grade I listed building in Hale, Greater Manchester. It was designed by architect Edgar Wood as his own home and was built between 1914 and 1916. The building is regarded as one of the most advanced examples of early twentieth century domestic architecture. It is one of six Grade I listed buildings in Trafford.
Royd House is a 2-storey, y-shaped building with a concrete roof. It has a concave façade and is faced in Portland red stone and Lancashire brick.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


The Four-Leaf Clover For Luck Ceramic Photo Tile


The green Irish Four-Leaf Clover Ceramic Photo Tile best known For Luck and good wishes.

Price: $12.95

roofing tile travel mug


Roofing tile ceramic(s)

Price: $29.65

Concrete Roofing Types, Product Sources, Installation, Defects ...

Concrete Roofing Types, Product Sources, Installation, Defects ...
Image by inspectapedia.com

Concrete roof tiles vs slate

Concrete roof tiles vs slate
Image by www.renovatingahouse.co.uk

concrete roof

concrete roof
Image by www.majesticroofingoklahoma.com

Google Books

Concrete Folded Plate Roofs
Concrete Folded Plate Roofs
Published by Elsevier 1998
ISBN 9780340662663,0340662662
275 pages

Concrete folded plate roofs used to cover large open expanses of space can pose complex design problems soluble only through detailed mathematical analysis. This book introduces the engineer to practical schemes and practicalities, and goes on to provide multitudes of useful design tables, which allow linear interpolation, for a large range of various schemes of folded plate roofs to help the engineer with his designs. Design examples using both SI and USA (British Imperial) units are provided using these tables.

Fibre and Micro-concrete Roofing Tiles
Fibre and Micro-concrete Roofing Tiles
Published by International Labour Organization 1992
ISBN 9789221064077,9221064077
153 pages

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@ianamclellan I'm with you. Roof structure and even some of the concrete work is stunning. I'm having a hard time with the exterior, tho.


80 bags of concrete unloaded, mixed and poured by the morning. Roof stripped and shingled by 5. All by your boy. Loving this shit


Qujing History Museum in China features a roof shaped http://t.co/dLfuNKJOC3 #Architecture #all #Architecture #China #concrete #Cultural

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Tin Roof Sundae Pie
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Tin Roof Sundae Pie Recipe
Ingredients:cereal, chocolate syrup, cornflakes, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, peanuts

Tin Roof Sundae Pie Recipe
Ingredients:chocolate syrup, cornflakes, corn syrup, peanut butter, peanuts, vanilla ice cream

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Qujing History Museum has a roof shaped like a staircase
08/13/15, via dezeen.com

Chinese firms Atelier Alter and Hordor Design Group have completed a major new museum of natural history in China, featuring a roof described by the architects as a "vertical landscape of concrete" (+ slideshow). Located in China's Yunnan Province ...

98-year-old downtown Waco warehouse to become lofts with prime views
08/10/15, via Waco Tribune-Herald

Insurors of Texas and Balcones Distilling Co. Turner said the building on Sixth Street is “built like a fortress,” with thick steel-reinforced concrete floors and roof and massive columns spaced 15 feet apart. The metal-framed windows will be replaced ...

Roofer suffers spinal injury falling eight metres onto concrete at Lundy Island
08/12/15, via North Devon Journal

A ROOFER suffered a serious spinal injury after falling eight metres through a lambing shed roof onto concrete on Lundy Island yesterday. At 1pm Chivenor search and rescue helicopter was sent to the island and took the 65-year-old man to Swansea Morriston ...

Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower

inside a massive cooling tower more: www.jonasginter.de/urban-exploration-im-kuehlturm/

Photo by jonasginter


Bronica EC-TL / Nikkor O.C. 50/f2.8 / Fuji Velvia 100F 2007/6/18 Tokyo, Roppongi See where this picture was taken. [?]

Photo by gullevek

Calatrava revisited (Explore)
Calatrava revisited (Explore)

Gare Liège-Guillemins/Station Luik-Guillemins - Liège/Luik - Belgium Highest position Explore: #326 on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo by Bert Kaufmann