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Metal ROOFING SCREWS: (250) 10 x 1” Copper Hex Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw. Self starting metal...

  • Hex washer head, self starting roof screw...
  • Metal-to-wood roof screws

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Copper and Zinc Roofs

The film shows how a copper roof and is replaced. In the 1860s metal roofs.

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Punishing winter pushes up Gardner's $1.5m roof project

Starting next week, however, the project will enter its more complicated second phase, as workers close the Chapel Room, de-installing several of its artworks in preparation to replace the room's copper roof with a more protective material. The Chapel

House Hunting in ... Denmark

There is a small attic under the sloping copper roof. The total land is 0.26 acre, and the landscape is primarily bushes and pine trees, designed for low maintenance. There is a two-car garage. The backyard features a small covered patio, and the

Photo Vault: Brooks Hall endured tragic fire

The roof was destroyed and the top three floors sustained extensive damage. “As of today we're looking forward. Rebuilding Brooks Hall is the No. 1 priority of the university,” he added. Indeed, a year later a shiny copper roof has replaced the charred

Punishing winter pushes up Gardner's $1.5m roof project - Boston Globe


For years, staff members at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum addressed occasionally leaky roofs with a two-pronged strategy. But last winter, under the brunt of an accumulated 108 inches of snow, the historic palace sprang several severe leaks, endangering items in the collection and forcing staff to take the drastic steps of putting out buckets and rubber mats, and... The museum came under harsh criticism for its handling of those winter-weather crises. Now, the punishing season has prompted the Gardner to move up its maintenance schedule, embarking on a vast project to renovate or completely replace all the roofs that cover the historic palace. The three-phase project, which will cost an estimated $1. 5 million, will continue through the end of 2016. During that time, the Gardner will close the Chapel Room for roughly three months, and, starting next spring, the entire second floor of... “You have a historic winter and a historic museum, and we can’t afford to take any chances,” said museum director Anne Hawley, who during her tenure has overseen an $11 million preservation project for the building. They did that structural work, she said, “so we would never face this situation again, so it was hard to have that winter cut across the work and require such an extraordinary remedial program. The roof project began quietly over the summer, as workers replaced the protective materials beneath the historic terra cotta tiles covering the museum’s upper floor. That maintenance, which had already been scheduled , did not affect any galleries or the visitor experience. Starting next week, however, the project will enter its more complicated second phase, as workers close the Chapel Room, de-installing several of its artworks in preparation to replace the room’s copper roof with a more protective material. The Chapel Room, which houses a delicate 13th-century French stained glass window, choir stalls, and many polychrome sculptures, was originally scheduled to have its roof replaced in the next two to three years. Over the winter, however, it suffered a leak that affected some of the room’s sculptures, prompting the museum to accelerate the roof’s replacement. Gardner officials estimate the gallery will be closed through mid-November. “The top line consideration is always mitigation of risk to the collection and preserving the objects,” said curator of the collection Christina Nielsen, who added that none of the works suffered permanent damage. “I feel extremely confident that this is the right thing to be doing in the right manner, and this is the right time. Gardner famously stipulated that no aspect of the collection could be altered following her death, which poses unique challenges for such a project. “ This building is what we call a Gesamtkunstwerk in German — it’s a total work of art,” said Hawley. “You’ve got all these elements woven into the very fabric of the museum, so everything we do is just unbelievably complicated. In the Chapel Room, for instance, museum officials want to replace the copper roof with a more protective material such as PVC, a decision they must first clear with the city’s Landmarks Commission. “When you look at it from the street, you will not know that we did the roof,” said Holland, who added he was confident the change would be approved. “You’ll see a new copper cap. All the trellis work up there is being removed, repainted, restored, and put back up. ”. But the real challenge — the “mother of them all,” as Hawley puts it — will come next spring, when the museum plans to close the entire second floor so that... But after considering the logistics of moving the gallery’s heavy tables, chests, and other cumbersome furnishings, they decided it would be safer to close the entire floor and store the objects in adjoining galleries. “How would you possibly get those things off the second floor, and where would you put them. ” asked Nielsen, who added that the historic palace lacks an art freight elevator. “Think about those marble steps, and think about eight people carrying a huge table down and back up,” she said.

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Copper Glass Hummingbird Fdr

Copper Glass Hummingbird Fdr


Price: $44.30

Premium Copper and Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 18 oz. Heavy glass bottle with copper finish roof and feed base. Attached metal perches twist out for easy cleaning. Free port cleaning brush included.

Songbird Essentials Suet Ball Copper Roof Round Wire Circle Feeder

Songbird Essentials Suet Ball Copper Roof Round Wire Circle Feeder


Price: $22.16

Suet Ball Copper Roof Feeder. Covered roof provides shelter for birds and suet balls. The removable roof allows for easy filling and cleaning. Has a sturdy wire frame construction. The curved metal loop provides many hanging options. Accepts 6 standard suet balls. Species of birds that frequently visit suet feeders are: Woodpeckers, Flickers, Finches, Titmice, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Buntings, Chickadees, Orioles, Sapsuckers, Wrens, Redpolls, Bluebirds, Pine Siskins, Thrushes, Jays, Warblers and many others! Suet Balls are a popular, nutritious and easy food to add to your backyard bird buffet. It is one of the most popular bird foods during the fall and winter, when birds need good sources of fat and calories to help them survive harsh, cold weather. Dimensions: 8.25"D x 8.75"W x 5.15"L


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Supplier of premium metal roofing materials, including copper, for residential and commercial roof projects.

Copper Roofing -
Copper Roofing. Here at understand that everyone is at a different place in their copper roofing career. Some of you have spent years and years ...

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Learn about the different types of metal roofing materials used my Armor Metal Roofing in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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Metal roof Metal roof

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal piece, or tiles. It is a component of the building envelope.
Metal roofs protect buildings.
In the United States, metal comprises 10% of the overall residential re-roofing market.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

copper roof panels | Metal Roof Network

copper roof panels | Metal Roof Network
Image by

Copper Roof New Construction

Copper Roof New Construction
Image by

... we will talk more about the copper slate and make that the main focus

... we will talk more about the copper slate and make that the main focus
Image by

Google Books

Published by Taunton Press 1997
ISBN 9781561582112,1561582115
111 pages

Bungalow Details: Exterior
Bungalow Details: Exterior
Published by Gibbs Smith
ISBN 142361724X,9781423617242

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RT @SuriReale: #Burlesque costumer tools:sawzall bear traps, scissors, garden shears, ribbon, appliques, silk flowers, metal roofing, nail …


Whether you need new copper or metal roofing, we can work with you to meet your needs!!


RT @TomLeachRoofing: Fun Fact: Metal roofing is a green roofing material which can be made from aluminum, copper, steel, or recycled metals.

Cooking recipes

Copper Carrots
Ingredients:butter, carrot, cornstarch, ginger, orange juice, salt, sugar

Brass and Copper Cleaner
Ingredients:flour, salt, white vinegar

Copper Pennies
Ingredients:carrot, green pepper, onions, sugar, tomato soup, vegetable oil, vinegar, worcestershire sauce

Grilled Copper River Cod
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cod, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper, soy sauce

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How To: Remove Moss from the Roof
08/12/15, via MSN

STEP 3 Prevent a moss problem from returning by installing strips of zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal just below the top ridge on both sides of the roof. Copper is more toxic to moss and algae, but zinc is much less expensive. You can purchase sheet ...

Positive prognosis
08/11/15, via Recycling Today

Copper roofing also is rebounding because of its longevity ... Copper, usually an exciting metal, has not seen the kind of market that blessed it for the first decade or so of the 21st century, fueled largely by demand from Chinese producers.

World-record setting slab of native copper gets new U.P. home
08/04/15, via ABC 10 UP

It’s a piece of copper that is so big, it needs a roof of its own. A pavilion to shelter a world ... The slab is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest native metal slap pulled from the bottom of a lake. The structure was made ...

First Snow on New Roof
First Snow on New Roof

Tor and I finished this new metal roof just in time for the first snow of the season. The metal has three inches of new insulation under it, so the snow does not fry off right away like it used to.

Photo by judy_and_ed

Copper Roofing
Copper Roofing

Photo by ROYAL ROOFING Royal Roofing Inc. 5000 Yonge St., Suite 1901 Toronto, ON M2N 7E9 Phone: 416-880-7625 Toll-Free: 1-866-901-7534 E-mail: site:

Photo by royalroofing

Copper Roofing
Copper Roofing

Photo by ROYAL ROOFING Royal Roofing Inc. 5000 Yonge St., Suite 1901 Toronto, ON M2N 7E9 Phone: 416-880-7625 Toll-Free: 1-866-901-7534 E-mail: site:

Photo by royalroofing