Cutting Roof Rafters


Common Rafter Layout Part1

This video gives an introduction to roof framing in the form of how to cut and layout a common roof rafter. View Part 2 here:.

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Crafting the Simple Life

They fit snugly in the Craftsman style, though she added cutting edge touches such as “central” heat to homes she designed. Developed in California in 1905, Craftsman style rapidly became an American standard of architecture for the smaller home up

Significant damage to NM fire station from tree

The contractor later cut the tree into pieces. Copyright 2015 Journal Media On Labor Day, Morris Contracting Tree Service was removing trees from the property next door to the station on Old Belfair Highway when a tree landed on the station

Janco in Sully opens new facility

Terry Branstad was on hand for a ribbon cutting at the new Janco Industries manufacturing facility in Sully on Monday. The 70,000-square foot building at 600 W. Second Ave. brings the two divisions of the business under the same roof for the first time.

Weeks 24 & 25.

Source: Move to Bulgaria

Mum and Dad have been here for just over two weeks and BOY have we been productive. They arrived just before it got dark, at about quarter past seven, on the Monday evening and we ate slow cooked dinner and drank wine all evening. In the morning we had a nice leisurely breakfast - eggs and coffee - and then we helped unload mum and dad's van. They had driven all the way from England this time because dad wanted to bring tools to work on the roof with as well as loads of goodies for us. Including, amoungst a lot of other things, a fridge, two lawn mowers, a dart board and a TV. :D The... We couldn't afford to buy or rent proper scaffold (it's quite rare they even use it here) so that's what we had bought all those wooden poles for. Dad initially wanted to scaffold the whole house, but after a few hours spent putting up a tower in one corner we realised this would take way too long. Although it looked very scary we did mangage to make a secure tower, which would at least help with lifting things up to the roof as well as a small space to stand and store tiles. This actually took most of the day with all four of us helping and when we were done dad and Pete went up to knock down and re-build the bottom of the chimney in preparation for starting proper work on the roof tomorrow. Oh and when they were up there they found a nest of rat babies under one of the ridge tiles - eurgh, glad we got them before they were bigger. Whilst the boys did that me and mum went up to the walnut orchard to do a bit more strimming and raking - we are expecting the walnuts to drop any day now. Work on the roof commenced. Pete and dad were up there but me and mum were also needed to pass tiles down to and pass up wooden batons and roof felt. As our tiles were looking in pretty good condition dad decided he would only take the tiles down from one end and then move them around the roof until the end. This would also save alot of work passing tiles up and down in a bucket. So the day carried on like that and we were happy to find that so far all rafters and stuff in the roof were looking in good condition. In the evening Pete and dad played with the air rifle that had also arrived in the van and after a BBQ dinner we sat up around a bonfire. Obviously this is good because we don't want rain this week, but it is also way too hot in the afternoon to be on the roof - so early starts it is. By now me and mum weren't really needed to help with the roof, except to pass up the odd baton, so... We decided we would have a go at digging the trench for the soil pipe from the house to the septic tank. One more step towards getting our bathroom up and running. It was a bloody hot day and the digging was hard - we even needed to use the jigger jigger - but we did pretty well and got alot of it done. We just needed to buy the soil pipe now to make sure it was sloping enough away from the house. Back home in the afternoon it was way too hot to be getting up on the roof so we thought we would get to work in the bathroom. The first job, which me and Pete have been avoiding for ages now, was to dig out the massive rock in the ground that is sitting right where we want our sink. Dad had bought his jigger jigger with him from England so him and Pete set to work on the rock - with two huge hammer drills. We then decided where everything was going to go in the bathroom (we knew roughly already) and got the pipes and fixings inside and cemented in place. Another early start and hard working day. ) Dad and Pete were back on the roof and me and mum finished off the trench - including putting the pipe in at the right angle AND covering it up again. It was pretty exciting (and relieving) when we put a bucket of water down the pipe in the bathroom and it came out into our septic tank. :) It was another glorious, sunny evening and the boys were doing so well on the roof that all the front and sides were re-tiled and only the back left to do (well, and all the cuts and ridges but still they were cracking on. ) To celebrate we had... After we'd had a drink or two S & G also arrived at the bar with two of teir kids and their partners - we had a huge crew going on. As well as all of us there were also loads of Bulgarians (who had their own gas cooker at the bar and were cooking...

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Empire 1190 "Anodized Aluminum" Professional Framing Square 24"x2", Black

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"EMPIRE LEVEL MFG" FRAMING SQUARE Roof framing is not a job for a rookie carpenter. Hip roof and roof rafter framing are very challenging. To succeed, you must know how to use a framing square. Accurate cuts are vital, the walls upon which the rafters rest must be square and level. The new Empire 1190 anodized aluminum professional framing square has high visibility, deep stamped and long lasting graduations. Anodized aluminum construction will not rust. Includes 1/8-Inch, 1/10-Inch, 1/12-Inch, 1/16-Inch stamped graduations and conversion tables. Complete package to do your job. High visibility, deep stamped, long lasting graduations Body: 24" x 12" Tongue: 6" x 1/2" Thick: 1/8" Color: Black or Blue Anodized aluminum construction will not rust Includes 1/8", 1/10", 1/12", 1/16" stamped graduations and conversion tables


Building Rafters | How To Cut Roof Rafters
Want to know how to build rafters? Learning how to cut roof rafters isn't hard using the right technique with nothing more than a framing square and saw.

Gable roof framing plans Calculating how to cut roof rafters
Calculating Gable Roof rafters for normal gable roofs are cut the same way as the common rafters when figuring for a regular pitched hip roof.

Cutting Common Rafters
Cutting Common Rafters THISisCarpentry. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 12,695 12K. Loading ... Common Rafter Roof Framing - part 1 - Duration: 8:38.

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Cutting rafters for a hip roof wallpapers

Cutting rafters for a hip roof wallpapers
Image by

cutting rafters for a hip roof

cutting rafters for a hip roof
Image by

... -simple-roof-question-shed-shed-roof-rafters-eight-pitch.png

... -simple-roof-question-shed-shed-roof-rafters-eight-pitch.png
Image by

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Ingredients:milk, semisweet chocolate, kosher salt, kosher salt, cocoa powder, cornstarch, cream of tartar, egg yolks, heavy cream, heavy cream, corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, sugar, vanilla extract, water

Tin Roof Sundae Pie Recipe
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Tin Roof Sundae Pie Recipe
Ingredients:chocolate syrup, cornflakes, corn syrup, peanut butter, peanuts, vanilla ice cream

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Museum to open new Louden exhibit
10/01/15, via

“He and I collaborated with Dan Reneker, retired French-Reneker-Associates engineer, who drew up Louden’s rafter design,” Shafer said ... which was repurposed for the display. “Todd cut it down to the size we needed,” Shafer said of the cabinet.

Janco in Sully opens new facility
09/29/15, via Newton Daily News

Gov. Terry Branstad was on hand for a ribbon cutting at the new Janco Industries manufacturing facility in Sully on Monday. The 70,000-square foot building at 600 W. Second Ave. brings the two divisions of the business under the same roof for the first time.

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While my husband and I laid out the parts on the lawn, having bad Ikea flashbacks, our son and daughter began making and cutting out paper decorations ... it on and then struggled to fix a row of 1X2" rafters across the roof from which the "schach ...

Near breakdown craziness
Near breakdown craziness

Yesterday was another one of those days where you just want to give up. We weren't even sure what we could do about all of the compromised structure in the roof, the walls and the floor. I told Mario he was just being melodramatic and we would figure something out. I went to work today and Mario figured it out. I love that! So now a lot of the structure is reinforced and we are pressing forward with the renovation. Crisis averted.

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cutting the birdsmouth

Photo by 03Marine

Cutting in a hip rafter
Cutting in a hip rafter

Photo by P.Flintandco