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ORGILL ROOFING FELT 30RF Standard Roofing Felt

  • Meets ASTM 4869 Type I standard
  • Felt is a uniform, flexible felt of...

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Torch On Felt Roofing

Applying a IKO 2mm torch on underlay followed by a IKO 4mm mineral felt cap sheet www. topgraderoofing.

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American Saturated Felt Roofing Paper (#15) - 432 Ft/Roll

American Saturated Felt (Miscellaneous)

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American Saturated Felt Roofing Paper (#30) - 216 Ft/Roll

American Saturated Felt (Miscellaneous)

Price: $23.99 ( Show details )

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California Strangers Repair Elderly Man's Roof After Neighbor's Heartwarming ...

"I feel sorry for him but I have no roofing skills," he wrote. "I would like to see if anyone can donate their time to help him finish. It appears that he has all the materials so looking for free labor to show up this Saturday, August 29th at 9:00am

Every Weekend His Neighbor Is On the Roof Alone. Then He Realizes He Just Has ...

Replacing a roof is not an easy feat. Especially for a 75-year-old. But Richard Dubiel likes to have things done “a certain way.” So when his roof started caving in three months ago, he took on the task himself. At his age, though, roof work is hard on

Stranger Repairs Elderly Man's Roof

CBS NEWS -- For months, David Perez watched his 75-year-old neighbor Richard Dubiel climb up and down a ladder to work on his old roof. At his age, Perez didn't think it was a good idea; he couldn't decide whether or not he should get involved.

California Strangers Repair Elderly Man's Roof After Neighbor's Heartwarming ... - ABC News

Source: abcnews.go.com

An elderly man's once-rickety roof is now ship-shape -- all thanks to his neighbor's Facebook post, which successfully convinced strangers to selflessly lend a hand with the repairs. "I didn't know what to expect," David Perez, of Fremont, California, told ABC News. "Just knowing how many times people shared it, it was very surprising how far it reached. The ones who took their time to come out and help a stranger was very nice. "It was very uplifting to see that. "It had been an ongoing thing seeing him up there after work or on the weekends," Perez said. Seeing his age, I just felt that he shouldn't be doing this by himself -- for safety reasons and I just felt sorry for him. "That's when I decided to reach out on social media to see what kind of response I'd get. "I feel sorry for him but I have no roofing skills," he wrote. "I would like to see if anyone can donate their time to help him finish. It appears that he has all the materials so looking for free labor to show up this Saturday, August 29th at 9:00am. ". After 1,400 shares, around 40 people offered their handy services, Perez said. "I thought it was going to be a full-days work, but with the amount of people and experiences, I'd say it took just four hours," he added. "I think he [Dubiel] was still kind of in awe or in shock since he's used to doing things by himself. Dubiel was shocked by the outpouring of kindness from complete strangers. "I was so surprised and delighted because I was not expecting such a response. "You see so much negativity and out here, this was positive--real positive with no thought of return or reward, other than that of helping somebody.

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Perma R Products PermaFelt Synthetic Roofing Felt

Perma R Products PermaFelt Synthetic Roofing Felt


Price: $169.54

Delivers exceptional weather barrier performance compared to traditional asphalt products and other synthetic underlayments 7 times lighter, covers 5 times more area, and is 20 times stronger than 30# felt Mechanically nailed down with plastic cap nailsor staples, using fewer fasteners per square than conventional felts The top side contains a proprietary rubber-modified polyolefin coating which has a high level of slide resistance The back side is designed to reduce slippage between the underlaymentand the roof sheathing Can be easily bent for forming around corners, valleys, and ridges Features a khaki surface that stays cooler to work on and keeps buildings cooler during the dry-in time of construction, while still absorbing sunl Size Ft=4 x 250

Prime Source 1 Lb 1.50in. Plastic Cap Roofing Nails 112PRCAP1

Prime Source 1 Lb 1.50in. Plastic Cap Roofing Nails 112PRCAP1


Price: $10.95

Roofing nails Caps are electro galvanized for additional corrosion resistance and are ring shanked for increased holding power The large head is ideal for holding roofing felt, sheathing, poly, and other materials in place that are prone to tearing when attached with a regular nail Plastic 1-in head 1-1/2-in length 1 lb box


Roofing Felt Information at RoofingFelt.org
Everything you need to know about roofing felt. Read this before you do any roofing!Includes installation instructions.

What Is Roofing Felt at RoofingFelt.org
What is Roofing Felt. Roofing felt, also called tar paper, is a material that lies between the actual roof and the house and the final layer of roofing material.

Bituminous waterproofing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Roofing felt (felt paper, asphalt felt paper) is a sheet material impregnated with bitumen (asphalt), similar to tar paper, used in building construction.

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Bituminous waterproofing Bituminous waterproofing

Bituminous waterproofing systems are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Bitumen is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


chalk line on roofing felt business card


red chalk line snapped onto roofing felt in preparation to laying down rows shingles

Price: $31.80

felt nails on roofing felt business card


plastic topped felt nails and hammer on heavy weight felt installed before roofing shingles

Price: $31.80

Example: Felt Flat Roof Porch Manchester

Example: Felt Flat Roof Porch Manchester
Image by www.k-roofing.co.uk

Built Up Felt/Single Ply Felt Roofing

Built Up Felt/Single Ply Felt Roofing
Image by chathamjackson.co.uk

Flat roofing, Felt Roofing and Fibreglass Roofing

Flat roofing, Felt Roofing and Fibreglass Roofing
Image by www.roofingintauntonsomerset.co.uk

Google Books

Felt and Torch on Roofing
Felt and Torch on Roofing
Published by Crowood 2014
ISBN 9781847976949,1847976948
128 pages

A detailed guide to installing high performance felt and torch on roofs, for both DIY enthusiasts and professional roofers. From safety precautions, to the tips and tricks to keep a flat roof water-tight for many years, Felt and Torch on Roofing will teach the novice how to successfully complete their first felt roof to a high standard, and provide the professional with new techniques to undertaking the best quality work on felt and torch on roofing. With step-by-step guidance and photographs throughout, the book covers selecting the felt, tools and fixings, and guidance on which materials comply with building regulations; insulation guidelines and how to install and torch the felt; alternative processes for detailing and new techniques for welding, to ensure a perfect welding bead is...

500 Simple Home Repair Solutions
500 Simple Home Repair Solutions
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2008
ISBN 158816683X,9781588166838
272 pages

Presents easy-to-accomplish home repairs in question-and-answer format, divided into three sections--exterior, interior, and electromechanicals--covering such topics as plumbing, heating, landscaping, windows, doors, and roofs.

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roofing felt (surrey) http://t.co/jGvMMZIYJ6 #vancouver


WANTED: Roofing felt for shed (Easthampstead) http://t.co/Xo4rUOoghj


OFFER: Roofing felt offcut (Anniesland area) http://t.co/WvcLqsQtbp

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Players digging half-done roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium
09/05/15, via ESPN

"We love that so many players said they liked how the ball sounded, and that the stadium already felt more intimate." The roof skin will be different from the present semi-translucent panels in place in the south and west; those are temporary and designed ...

Stranger Repairs Elderly Man's Roof
09/04/15, via cbs2iowa.com

"It was still something I felt that I needed -- or somebody needed -- to do something about." Apparently, a lot of people agreed. On Saturday, with Dubiel's permission, around 15 to 20 strangers showed up to work on the roof and several stopped by to ...

Hotel Hugo: A West Soho Retreat with 2 Roof Bars You Should Know About
09/04/15, via The Daily Meal

While Bar Hugo definitely had a solid crowd the evening we visited, Bar Azul, which has otherwise stayed off the radar in the world of West Side rooftop bars, was comparatively packed but never felt excessively crowded. The Cuban-inspired bar is smartly ...

... and this is your roof on drugs
... and this is your roof on drugs

{Explored, thank you!} Canon EF with the Canon FD 135mm f2.5, on Kodak Portra 400. Stalk me here I reloaded the EF, meaning to give it another turn (cameras have to take turns) this week, but the film hasn't moved at all. I almost never finish a roll of film -- always showing up at the lab with only a dozen or so exposures made. Portra's so expensive, seems like a waste. Charlie's keeping me busy (plus the two jobs, right) and I'm taking little moments during his morning naps to brush up on my C++ 'skills' -- like I need another hobby. Thanks for all your visits and comments and warm wishes; we are doing great :) Flickring as much as I can, but don't be surprised if I disappear for days or weeks at a time. Feel free to email or Tweet. Oh and if you're kind enough to follow me on Twitter let me know so I can follow back. I'm not good about monitoring my followers list either :) Dave Spy on me here

Photo by DaveLawler

When On a Roof Young Gulls Can Feel All at Sea!
When On a Roof Young Gulls Can Feel All at Sea!

These two young 'uns were born and brought up on our roof at Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex....

Photo by antonychammond

the 6th, Feel me there !
the 6th, Feel me there !

Paris Rooftops with Eiffel tower. Under Creative Commons Rights. Feedback or link back to my stream will be much appreciated after dowloading. Print it, hang it, alter it, show me, whatever with caution,.... just don't claim it's yours. HDR Single Exposure. Paris, Eiffel tower. From Galeries Lafayette - Boulevard Haussmann. Thank you for dropping by, have a wonderful day and HFF Everyone ! ...Cheers xXX Twitter | Instagram

Photo by DinosaursAreNotDead