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Modern Japanese Townhouse

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Jeff Burton on the Darlington race that defined his career

I think sitting underneath that roof, your ears would just echo for days.” —On excelling at Darlington: “The only way to run well I ran as hard as I could from the time they dropped the green flag until we pitted. That's why I believe it rewarded

Latest Tacoma in pickup fray; the next Prius

The enhanced high-definition touchscreen. • The access cab's fold-up rear seats and under-seat storage. . Add to that low gas prices and more efficient gasoline engines, and there's plenty of competition for the “green” dollar. Among the competitors

The Terrifying Tentacles of One World Governance

The recommendations that appeared in this conference's report are implemented in the U.S. and around the world as Sustainable Development (the lynchpin of U.N. Agenda 21, sustainable communities, and smart/green growth, as mandated by comprehensive

A Hidden Gem on the Oregon Coast

Source: The Practical Plant Geek

Secluded near the small town of Yachats, there is a garden that enjoys the benevolent climate of the Oregon Coast, mild even by the standards of the Pacific Northwest. It is a garden full of hidden treasures and magnificent plant specimens not commonly found in this part of the world. The garden is the creation of Jim and Janice Gerdemann, and it is now known as the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve. The following is a brief history of the garden, kindly provided by Kate Bryant:. "The Gerdemann Botanical Preserve. In 1981, Jim and Janice Gerdemann purchased an acre of property on the edge of the Siuslaw National Forest in Yachats. Thickly forested with spruce and hemlock, but on a sloped site adjacent to the ocean, it was the perfect place to test the hardiness of rare and unusual plants from all over the world. For almost thirty years, Jim (a retired University of Illinois plant pathology professor) and Janice (a retired teacher) collected and planted unusual specimens — most of which they grew from seed -- on the wooded hillside with its myriad... Over the years, the site grew into a unique, 3. 5-acre, richly-planted botanical preserve. The Gerdemann’s world travels, as well as Jim’s research into mycorrhizal fungi, informed their intense interest in growing seemingly challenging plants and helped them succeed with plants often deemed tender. Today, the Preserve contains some [how many. ] unusual plants, from southern hemisphere shrubs and trees to significant collections of magnolia, camellia, and rhododendron species and hybrids -- including Jim's hand-crossed tropical vireya rhododendrons, in a glasshouse -- all nestled amid a... In 2008, the property was purchased by Jerry and Kathleen Sand, who shepherded the garden with care for eight years. Plans are being developed to increase the garden’s accessibility to visitors. meantime, many beautiful plants can be enjoyed while wandering the public footpath leading from the road to the entrance to the Siuslaw National Forest. " In August, garden writer and all-around amazing person, Kate Bryant, gathered a group of plant-crazed individuals to help provide some maintenance for the garden. Not only did I get to see a garden I've wanted to visit for years, I actually got to work in it. A work party in a place like this is essentially an excuse to explore off the path and really delve into the treasures this garden has to offer. This was before our recent rains, when much of the Pacific Northwest was mired in a thick haze of smoke and the sun shown red over Portland. The air was marvelously cool and moist at the beach, the only haze a bit of oceanic humidity that promised the usual coastal fog come morning. I could breathe freely, I wasn't sweating from the heat, and I was in a garden that promised to surpass even my fantasies, surrounded by equally plant-obsessed individuals. So many distractions, so much to see. Of course I did some actual work, too. Luckily, much of the work that needs to be done at the garden is pruning, my favorite. As is the case with many gardens created by true plant lovers, many areas of the garden have become overgrown and need some special attention to bring the exuberant plants back under control. One of my many desires is to see the rhododendron forests of the Himalayas and China, so I enjoyed walking under the canopy of rhododendrons that covers much of the garden. The Gerdemann Botanic Preserve is perhaps one of the best places to see the big-leaved rhododendrons of the subsections Falconera and Grandia in the United States. Even the Rhododendron Species Botanic Garden cannot claim as large of specimens of these impressive plants. Entire groves of big-leaved rhododendrons grace the garden with their lush foliage. The effect of walking through these stands of magnificent plants is magical, so much so that I didn't even lift my camera to attempt capturing their effect. Regardless, I walked through these copses almost reverently, awed by the enchantment of this place, completely forgetting the camera hanging from my neck. You may be thinking by now that this garden has little to offer unless one really loves rhododendrons. While rhododendrons make up a substantial portion of the garden, many are far from the standard, plain-leaved masses we see engulfing houses, and there is a wealth of other incredible plants to see. A personal highlight of my visit to Gerdemann Botanic Preserve was stumbling upon.

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Classy Aluminum Pe Wicker Daybed Set Of 3

Classy Aluminum Pe Wicker Daybed Set Of 3


Price: $1802.76

Furniture, Beds & Accessories, Sepcification: Product Dimension: 60HX30WX43L InchColor: Green, WhiteProduct Description: There Can't Be Much More Fun Than Lying On A Wicker Bed. Indeed, The Experience Is Totally Different And One Is Taken To The Rural Setting Immediately. This Aluminum Pe Wicker Daybed Is A Creation That Will Give You A Similar Experience. Made Using Quality Materials, This Creation Promises To Last In Pristine Condition For Years To Come. It Features A Cushion On Each Of Its Three Pieces And Has A Roof To Keep Away Excessive Light. This Wicker Daybed Can Be Perfect For Keeping In The Bedroom Or The Veranda. Laying Back And Reading A Newspaper On A Saturday, Or Watching Your Favorite T.V. Serial Will Become Your Favorite Pastime After You Bring Home This Daybed. It Can Also Be Made Into A Gift For Near And Dear Ones. Not Only Will It Look Awesome In A Home With Older Themes, But In A Modern Home Too It Will Look Priceless. Indeed, This Daybed Is Definitely For You!


Green roof - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A green roof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Green roof | Define Green roof at Dictionary.com
The green roof which I had painted glistened in the sun, and we could see it for a long time.

Green Roof - Definition from ecolife.com
Definition of Green Roof What Is a Green Roof? A green roof, also known as an eco roof, living roof, vegetated roof, oikosteges, or greenroof, is one that is either ...

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Green Roof Blankets
Sempergreen®, the largest producer of green blankets for green roofs


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Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Greening our Cities (Part 2)

Greening our Cities (Part 2)
Image by www.rainharvest.co.za

The Chicago City Hall green roof helps cool the building and minimize ...

The Chicago City Hall green roof helps cool the building and minimize ...
Image by science.howstuffworks.com

Green Roof Definition http://topdefinitions.com/picture/?picture=Green ...

Green Roof Definition http://topdefinitions.com/picture/?picture=Green ...
Image by www.pic2fly.com

Google Books

Green Roof-A Case Study
Green Roof-A Case Study
Published by Princeton Architectural Press 2007
ISBN 1568986858,9781568986852
159 pages

The benefits of green roofs are many: longer roof lifespan, greater sound insulation, reduced heating and cooling system needs, and a cutback in storm water runoff. Green roofs decrease carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in cities, making them cooler in the process and reversing the so-called "urban heat island effect." In short, green roofs are the great green hope of many environmentalists, politicians, and architects interested in more efficient and environmentally aware buildings. From a design standpoint, however, there is less consensus. While some see the roof garden as a visual statement using plants, geometric lines, and sculptural elements, others believe concerns for sustainability should outweigh visual appeal. A green roof that combines aesthetics and mechanics has become...

Ecologically Inspired Design of Green Roof Retrofit
Ecologically Inspired Design of Green Roof Retrofit
Published by ProQuest 2015
ISBN 9780549161998,0549161996
277 pages

Green roofs are becoming popular in the United States for their runoff and energy reduction abilities. However, current designs have high installation costs, heavy load-bearing requirements, and restrictions to low-sloped roofs. We designed a novel retrofit technology, the green cloak, which uses fast-growing vine species and a trellis to suspend vegetation above a roof. We conducted field experiments, prototype testing, and mathematical modeling to determine the effect of the green cloak on stormwater runoff and indoor summertime building temperature reduction. We assessed energy and monetary cost-benefits. The green cloak reduced July indoor building temperature by 11.3°C which saved 73% of cooling energy costs. The green cloak delayed the peak storm runoff from a 0.15mm/min storm by...

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Definition of taboo: diehard case man @heggie17 in a machine with a green star bubble on the roof. http://t.co/MISG6xXlLm

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Yes we can! Speech by Green Party Co-leader James Shaw
09/03/15, via Scoop

Our answer to that question will define us. Sadly, the National Government has chosen ... There is huge benefit in being first, in being out front, in leading in the green economic revolution. As preeminent British economist Lord Stern has made clear ...

Another 1st in solar from Finco Green Energy Solutions
08/28/15, via Daily Mirror

Being the pioneers in solar Finco Green Energy Solutions under the Finco group umbrella ... Technology’, which improves performance and reliability. ‘Cello’ in definition means – cell connectivity, electrically, low loss, low stress and optical ...

We Need a More Versatile Definition of "Utility Vehicle"
08/26/15, via Automobile

Yet, as I gaze at a lot of little boxes (“There's a green one and a pink one/and a blue one and a ... The few items too big to jam into the hatch, we loaded onto our flimsy roof rack. This setup served my family faithfully for years.

J0 - the master definition of 'A Job' and the acid test for 'Full Employment'
J0 - the master definition of 'A Job' and the acid test for 'Full Employment'

* I *FEEL* fully employed therefore I *AM* fully employed ... EVERYBODY *wants* to create more jobs. But it appears to me that our system for driving our supply for jobs, to satisfy all our needs, and quite reliably, is now completely broken. ... For instance: How can the Cameron govt claim to be creating loads of lovely new jobs for us, when the economy is plunging down the tubes, yet again? [apparently] How come the national statistics office say that the unemployment percentage is falling, when every popular poll suggests that more and more people can no longer afford their daily bread? How come the biggest economic brains that money can buy, when all assembled there in their lofty masses to assess the latest cure for all our woes, when they look at their giant spreadsheets and say: "hmmm... Treble dip recession here we come, and look: jobs are still going up!? That's strange!" and then just go back to their wine and canapes, and then that ridiculous photo-shoot...

Photo by Julian Partridge

Historic Riverside Home
Historic Riverside Home

Historic home in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. This is a high dynamic range (HDR) photo.

Photo by minds-eye

East From Jess and Mike's House/Georgetown/Ontario
East From Jess and Mike's House/Georgetown/Ontario

Taken from the driveway of my daughter's home Postprocessing PhotoShop Elements 5: sharpening, posterization, crop, burlap texture

Photo by bill barber