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Installing Metal Roofing Panels

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Historic Carson City clock keeps capital time

The speakers have now been permanently mounted in an abandoned ventilator shaft on the main roof. To get there, he takes an elevator — installed in the 1920s — to the fourth floor where he climbs a ladder — built in 1892 — up into the clock

Otis Elevator sees growth in Pee Dee

“One of the nice things we've been able to accomplish with the Florence factory is bringing everything under one roof – the marketing, supply chain, manufacturing and engineering,” Selleck said. The factory itself has two “You really wouldn't know

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A standing seam metal roof tops the two-story home accented by divided-light windows and a covered front porch supported by a series of posts connected to the railing. Modernist flair abounds in the light-filled interior that features an open floor

Historic Carson City clock keeps capital time - Carson Now


Every 15 minutes, the chimes in the Laxalt Building ring through downtown Carson City, marking the passage of time with a classical tune or a Beatles melody, even the state’s song, “Home Means Nevada. When Bill Hartman moved to Carson City in 1996, it seemed in a way that time stood still. “I noticed there was all this construction at the Laxalt Building,” he said. “But every time I drove by the clock, it was always the same time. Built between 1889 and 1892, the building, 401 N. Carson St. , was originally home to the federal courthouse, with the courtrooms and judges’ chambers still evident. It was later used as a post office and as the Nevada State Library. The clock, the ninth of 17 known clocks built by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Barborka, was installed in 1892. It kept time for nearly 100 years, when Hartman noticed it no longer functioned. He approached state officials and offered to restore the piece of local history with fellow retired Navy officer Lee Carter, both of whom had a history in engineering. Upon entering the clock tower for the first time, Hartman said, they found the clock in a heap on the floor. They learned it had been disassembled in the 1980s as part of earthquake retrofitting after the Dixie Valley earthquake in 1954 broke some spires off the top of the building and caused damage to the clock. With no experience, they set about restoring the artifact to working order. “Engineers can just tinker around with stuff,” he said. And they resisted the urge to modernize it. “A lot of old clocks have been electrified,” he said. I wanted to keep it original. Hartman estimates they invested about 100 hours to restore the clock works. The clock officially ticked backed to life on June 10, 1999. But the work was not finished. Shortly after the restoration, a committee was formed to add a carillon, an automated mechanism that plays Westminster chimes, to the tower. 30 Nevada Day celebration, Hartman propped the speakers out of the window of the Laxalt Building. They played “Home Means Nevada,” as then-Gov. The speakers have now been permanently mounted in an abandoned ventilator shaft on the main roof. The Carson City Carillon and Clock Committee continues to meet quarterly, establishing the schedule for the chimes and conducting general business. The clock is wound weekly. On a recent summer day, Hartman wound it. To get there, he takes an elevator — installed in the 1920s — to the fourth floor where he climbs a ladder — built in 1892 — up into the clock tower. The exposed wooden walls bear the names of those who came before, including signatures from the original builders in 1889 and notable Nevadans including John Ascuaga. “If someone was to write up here now, it would be graffiti,” Hartman said. “But give it some time, and it’s historical stuff. He checks the clock’s time against a satellite clock he keeps in the tower, and makes a note in the meticulously kept logs. To him, all the work he’s put into it just makes sense. “The clock should be working,” he said. The Clock Faces. The three, 60-inch diameter dials are all a quarter-inch glass, frosted on the inside with hand-painted Roman numerals on the outside. On two of the dials (east and north), on pieces of a broken dial and in a photo of the building circa 1927 showing the west face, the 4 o’clock position is is marked by IIII. The current west face dial is marked by the traditional IV. This, and the fact that the frosting and color of glass of the west face are slightly different from the other dials, indicates that the west face is a replacement. The dials are each back-illuminated by two electric light bulbs. The original source of lighting for the building was gas light. Roughly cut pieces of sheet metal nailed with square-head nails in the wood beams directly above the existing lights suggest that gas flames originally illuminated the clock faces, with the sheet metal shielding the beams from the heat of the flames. Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Carson City Library will host a “Virtual Read-Out” during Banned Books Week, bringing together.

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How to Install a Steel Roof: 10 Steps (with Pictures ...
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How to Install Corrugated Roofing: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Install Corrugated Roofing. ... Polycarbonate or galvanize metal corrugated roofing panels. End stops. Corrugated wall connectors. Corrugated ridge connectors

Installing Metal Roofing Panels
Go to to watch the complete 14 video series on installing metal roofing ... Metal Roofing Panels ... install a metal ...

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How to Install Metal Roofing Panels

How to Install Metal Roofing Panels
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metal closures hold metal panels on roof in place

metal closures hold metal panels on roof in place
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The Latest on US Open: Djokovic wins 3rd set over Federer
09/14/15, via Island Packet Online

the U.S. Tennis Association has been constructing a retractable roof over Ashe, with 2016 the planned date for its debut. For now, a framework of more than 6,500 tons of steel sits atop that stadium, but the work to install the retractable panels will ...

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the U.S. Tennis Association has been constructing a retractable roof over Ashe, with 2016 the planned date for its debut. For now, a framework of more than 6,500 tons of steel sits atop that stadium, but the work to install the retractable panels will ...

From storage unit to sleek rental
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Arnheim upgraded the one-bedroom unit further by installing butcher-block ... inserting four skylights into the roof and adding clerestory windows to the entrance side of the building. The original steel around the entrance was replaced with a rustic ...

This incredible house was featured in WIRED magazine!
This incredible house was featured in WIRED magazine!

read about this house in WIRED: Beach living isn't for wimps. Even around LA, the days are hot and the sea breezes can be bone-chilling. Most oceanfront homes here are heated and cooled with traditional ozone-depleting systems. But when architect David Hertz designed the three-story Panel House for Thomas Ennis, he found a cooler solution: In place of walls, he installed industrial refrigerator panels. When the house gets cool – or warm – it stays that way. Now Ennis lives in a very large, very comfortable thermos. INSULATED PANELS The 30-foot-tall by 30-inch-wide refrigerator panels – each 6 inches thick – have a foam core, an aluminum skin, and an insulation rating about four times greater than any residential wall. The exterior side of the panels is coated with industrial paint that lasts up to 40 years and requires almost no maintenance. Because they're prefab and don't need wood framing, the panels also saved a few trees and...

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Pavlovsk Palace. Павловский Дворец.
Pavlovsk Palace. Павловский Дворец. Pavlovsk Palace is an 18th-century Russian Imperial residence built by Paul I of Russia in Pavlovsk, near Saint Petersburg. After his death, it became the home of his widow, Maria Feodorovna. The palace and the large English garden surrounding it are now a Russian state museum and public park. Creation In 1777 The Empress Catherine II of Russia gave a parcel of a thousand hectares of forest along the winding Slavyanka River, four kilometers from her residence at Tsarskoye Selo, to her son and heir Paul I and his wife Maria Feodorovna, to celebrate the birth of their first son, the future Alexander I of Russia. At the time the land was given to Paul and Maria Feodorovna, there were two rustic log lodges in the called 'Krik' and 'Krak.' Paul and his wife spent the summers of 1777 to 1780 in Krik, while their new homes and the garden were being built.[1] They began by building two wooden buildings, one kilometer apart. Paul's house, a two-story...

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Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place, is billed as the "world's largest aquarium" with more than 8 million US gallons (30,000 m³; 30,000,000 liters) of marine and fresh water housing more than 100,000 animals of 500 different species. The aquarium's notable specimens include young whale sharks (Norton, Alice, Trixie, Yushan, and Taroko) and four beluga whales (Nico, Natasha, Marina, and Maris). Funded mostly by a $250 million donation from Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, the aquarium was built on a 20 acre (81,000 m²; 8 ha) site north of Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. Marcus credited his 60th birthday dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in 1990 as among the inspirations behind his desire to build an aquarium in Atlanta. In November of 2001, Bernard Marcus announced his idea to build an aquarium as a present to Atlanta, Georgia that would encourage both education and economic growth. Marcus and his wife, Billi visited 56...

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