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4-pc Aqua Blue 5730 LED Light BA9S 64111 257 Bulb

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Flat Roof Installation - BAC Enterprises - New Mexico Roofer - IB Roof Systems

BAC Enterprises is New Mexico's #1 IB Roof System contractor, installing millions of square feet of CPA Single-Ply membrane. Learn more about this amazing.

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Welcome to IB Roof Systems! Since 1978, IB has been a nationwide leader in providing high-performance PVC membranes & systems for the commercial & residential industry.

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Welcome to IB Roof Systems! When it comes to longer performance and durability, IB Roof Systems has trusted solutions for your home's flat or low-sloped roofing system.

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IB Roof Systems

IB Roof Systems
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cool roof, IB PVC, flat roof, Dartmouth, MA

cool roof, IB PVC, flat roof, Dartmouth, MA
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Google Books

Roofing Failures
Roofing Failures
Published by Routledge 2004
ISBN 9781134424177,1134424175
272 pages

The book starts by setting out the duties of a building pathologist in the context of the modern roofing industry, defining failure and explaining its underlying causes. The main chapters then deal with the main specific types of failure: fire, shrinkage and roofing systems displacement, calendar shrinkage, foam insulation shrinkage and 'stretched' membranes, plasticizer migration, bitumen incompatibility, built-up roofing felt porosity, blistering, thermal insulation instability, foam insulation problems, torch applications, polymer dispersion, asphalt-glass fibre shingle splitting, lack of appropriate venting, problems with cool roofing and problems with organic fibre-portland cement shingles. The book concludes with an outline of the principal rules for long service life roofing.

Roofing Materials and Systems Directory
Roofing Materials and Systems Directory

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Boral Saxony Slate Tile Roof and Skylights - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
06/19/14, via houzz.com

with cool sand IB Roof System used on the flat roof sections. This project also included 10 new, custom Low-E flat glass Lane-Aire skylights along the central ridge line. Chandler's Roofing - San Pedro, CA

Western Roofing Systems
12/23/13, via The Business Journals Business directory

Western Roofing Systems is a full service Roofing Contractor installing and repairing asphalt shingles, concrete tile repair, metal roofing and re-roofing of some flat roofs with IB flat roofing. Recognized as a national leader in metal roof installations ...

New roof at Unarco to help environment
04/28/10, via Muskogee Phoenix

The new 400,000 square foot flat roof from IB Roof Systems: • Is 24 percent more energy efficient than a normal Energy Star rated roofing project. • According to EPA calculations, over the life of the roof 3,475 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be ...

Star Osakana (148)
Star Osakana (148)

Star Osakana - Container / Cargo Bulker The Star Osakana container / cargo bulker was designed and built by Oshima Shipbuilding of Japan for Masterbulk Pte. The vessel represents one of the four new O-class ships, the others being the Star Okiana, Star Optimana and Star Oshimana. These possess one of the largest deadweight capacities of any cargo container ship able to use the Panama Canal. The vessel has an overall length of 199m or 189m between perpendiculars. It has a moulded breadth of 32.26m and the moulded depth to upper deck is 19m. It is a double skinned vessel, with a gap of 2.38m between skins at the side. The skins are divided by a duct keel at the centre line. The bulker has a design draft of 11.5m and a scantling draft of 12m. It has a design deadweight of 45,656dwt and registers 36,700gross tons (or 13,900 net tons). In terms of carrying capability, it has a grain capacity of 65,338m³ or a bale capacity of 65,298m³. The ship can store 3,018m³ of fuel oil and137m³...

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Photo by Ingrid Barrentine Ike Holmes, owner of Vet Industrial, Lt. Col. David Seiffert, Nisqually Medical Dental facility OIC, and Richard Sanchez, a project engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, stand on the roof of the Nisqually Medical Dental facility after touring the new solar thermal system. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's Puget Sound region, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is the Defense Department's premiere military installation on the West Coast. Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) provides world-class installation support to the joint base warfighters, Family members and the surrounding community. For more information about Joint Base Lewis-McChord, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JBLMGarrison or read the article at www.nwguardian.com.

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