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12 1 Rolled composition shingle on flat roof flashing part 1

1 Rolled composition shingle on flat roof flashing part 1.

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Amerimax 68128 Flash Roll Aluminum .014 x 28 In. x 50 ft.

Amerimax 68128 Flash Roll Aluminum .014 x 28 In. x 50 ft.


Price: $111.35

Features Use on homes and buildings to keep out elements. Protect wood against water damage. Flashings are used at the valley of the roof with composite shingles. Dimension - .014 x 28 in. x 50 ft. Item weight - 22.6 lb.

Amerimax 68124 Flash Roll Aluminum .014 x 24 In. x 50 ft.

Amerimax 68124 Flash Roll Aluminum .014 x 24 In. x 50 ft.


Price: $96.05

Features Use on homes and buildings to keep out elements. Protect wood against water damage. Flashings are used at the valley of the roof with composite shingles. Dimension - .014 x 24 in. x 50 ft. Item weight - 19.04 lb.


Why or Why Not Install Rolled Roofing - Home Renovations ...
Installing rolled roofing is just about the easiest way to roof a structure. But as with anything in life that is easy, it has disadvantages. More importantly, rolled ...

12 1 Rolled composition shingle on flat roof flashing part 1
12.1 Rolled composition shingle on flat roof flashing part 1. 12.1 Rolled composition shingle on flat roof flashing part 1. Skip navigation Upload. Sign in.

Asphalt roll roofing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Asphalt roll roofing or membrane is a roofing material commonly used for buildings that feature a low sloped roof pitch in North America. The material is based on the ...

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Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Installing Roll Roofing

Installing Roll Roofing
Image by

Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing

Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing
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Typical Roof Moss on a Portland Roof

Typical Roof Moss on a Portland Roof
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Congressional Serial Set

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The otherworldly photography of John Chiara
08/06/15, via Tidings

“Basically I have to find someplace I can roll ... the composition is weirdly arresting: the poignant geometry of a garden-variety grouping of telephone poles; a nimbus of otherworldly light settling gently, like a flying saucer, on an aluminum roof.

Examine the World Roofing Market
08/05/08, via Reuters

OVERVIEW General Regional Roofing Demand by Area Regional Roofing Demand by Value Roofing Demand by Product Tile Roofing Bituminous Roofing Shingles & Plates Built-Up & Roll Roofing Modified ... STRUCTURE General Industry Composition & Market Share Market ...

A New Angle on Roofing
09/01/07, via Inside Self-Storage

Today, the two most commonly used roof systems are the composition shingle roof and the much more popular ... The panel side laps are rolled, or “seamed,” together with an electric mechanical seamer that ties each roof section together into one unit.


ARCH256 This past summer term, my friends and I took a black and white film photography elective at school. We learned everything from proper exposure, lighting techniques, to developing film ourselves and enlarging our negatives in the dark room. For Patrick and I, a lot of the initial work was review but I think we still learned a lot :) we also had a really great professor who was one of the most congenial, inspirational and down-to-earth professors I've had so far. For most of our friends it was their first time working with film and I think a lot of them really enjoyed it. I know a few still want to shoot more film! I think it's really great how film photography is still relevant in our generation, and that Patrick and I were able to share with our friends how much we love film photography. Unfortunately, our school will probably be shutting down our darkroom within the next term or so... I feel that the systematic approach that comes with following the processes of using film...

Photo by hillary.hc.chang

jørn utzon, architect: fredensborghusene, fredensborg 1959-1963
jørn utzon, architect: fredensborghusene, fredensborg 1959-1963

fredensborg courtyard houses, cohousing community for expats returning to denmark, 1959-1963. architect: jørn utzon 1918-2008 I am going out on a limb here. let me know if you disagree. if one were to write a piece about this project, it would have to include something about the great, meandering brick wall defining its perimeter, the greatest of utzon's stepped walls, a subject we have been studying in bagsværd church (1967-1976), bank melli (1959-1962) villa bille (1955) and in his unbuilt project for a paper factory in morocco (1947). we all know the fundamentals of utzon's courtyard housing; the limited palette of pale, yellow brick, yellow roof tiles, and wood; not to mention the thoughtful relationship to landscape, and the thoughtful balance between the private and the shared. I remember being introduced to this project as a student and told how utzon let his houses wander up and down the slope of a hillside, following the contours of the land closely. it made me wonder at...

Photo by seier+seier

Roll it, tamale man
Roll it, tamale man

Palm leaves for his tamales or his roof

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