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Home Inspection - Roofs - Part 1 of 3

http://www. com This is video #1 of a 3-part series. The videos are: Part 1 = http://youtu. be/jtbCZcmhajw Part 2 = http://youtu. be/QHxjidOOCfA.

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Lucas Oil Stadium roof inspected after fans hurt

Officials with the Capital Improvement Board said crews are examining the roof of Lucas Oil Stadium, after three people were injured by a falling bolt Thursday night, during the Indianapolis Colts' final preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Marin Voice: Levine is right to seek audit on inspections

Regarding your opinion of Assemblyman Marc Levine's request for an audit of San Rafael resale inspections, I am very familiar with the issues because I am a Marin Realtor and a Marin resident for 30 years. The resale inspection process in several Marin 

How to inspect your roof to make sure it's in tip-top shape

In addition, check the roof as soon as possible after extreme weather — severe rainfall, strong winds, or a heavy snow or ice storm — to see how it has survived. An emergency inspection is called for when you notice a leak, dampness, mildew, or a

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Value from a Home Inspection

Source: The Law Office of David R. Rocheford, Jr., P.C. » Our Blawg

One of the most stressful parts of selling a home is the dreaded home inspection. Getting the most value from a home inspection is crucial, especially since any missed item can cause a significant amount of trouble a few years or decades down the road. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips on how one can get the most value from a home inspection. Keep Calm And Inspect On. Having a stranger poke around every corner of a house with a microsope is frustrating. Homes have emotional value and no one wants to hear about their homes’ flaws. The key to a successful inspection lies in remaining calm. Getting angry and or arguing with an inspector is a sure way to lose money. Stay calm, smile, and accommodate the inspectors. Buyers depend on home inspections to protect them from purchasing a money pit. This means that the buyer hires the inspector, not the seller. The seller must do everything they can to present a good face to the inspector because the inspector is not on their side. Inspectors investigate every aspect of a home from the roof to the yard. They look for problems that require immediate address and problems that might arise down the road. Negotiations take place once the buyer receives the inspection report. Home inspections are rather like selling the house all over again. Take the time to dress for success. Clean up the home. Touch up areas that need new paint and put some new flowers in the garden. Repair minor problems like loose gutters, faulty steps, and trim work. Make the inspector work to find problems instead of providing obvious issues. The time to take care of existing issues is before the inspection. Get electrical systems and heating and cooling systems tuned up by a professional. Take care of minor roof repairs. Address any plumbing issues. Not only does this save sellers money during negotiations, it also shows that they take good care of their home and can go along way towards getting the best price for the home. The best way to get the most from a home inspection is to talk with an experienced real estate agent. The next best way is a good presentation and addressing known issues prior to inspection. Inspectors look more closely at homes with obvious problems than homes that appear to be well taken care of. Don’t wait. Start preparing for your inspection today.

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MAXXAIR VENT 933072 Roof Vent Cover White Polyethylene

MAXXAIR VENT 933072 Roof Vent Cover White Polyethylene


Price: $43.62

The New Maxxair II has doubled the vent opening compared to our original vent cover and it includes our exclusive easy to open hinged brackets, you simply cannot buy a better vent cover. Exclusive side louvers provide unsurpassed cross ventilation. Aerodynamic Shape maximizes vent area and mounts to the same holes as the MaxxAir standard vent cover. Stainless steel snap lock pins remove for easy access. Hinged brackets provide full access for cleaning and inspection of roof vent seal. Specifications Weight - 4.0000 Compatibility - 14 in. X 14 in. Vents Type - Dome Mounting Location - Exterior Vent Type - Vented On Three Sides Length - 22-1/8 in. Width - 20-1/8 in. Color - White Material - Polyethylene With Mounting Hardware Features Twice As Much Vent Area As Our Original Vent Cover! Solid One-Piece, Sleek Aerodynamic Design Hinged Hardware Included For Easy Opening And Cleaning. No Tools Required Lets In Fresh Air Anytime. Rain Or Shine! Stale Musty Air, Smoke, And Cooking Odors Escape While Rain Stays Out Prevents Heat Build-Up Fits Over Most 14 in. X 14 in. Standard Roof Vents

$49 for a Complete Eavestrough and Downspout Cleaning with Free 15-Point Roof Inspection


Roof Inspections
Roof Inspections : Find Customer-Rated Roofing Contractors and Roofing & Gutters Articles

National Roof Certification & Inspection Association
National Roof Certification & Inspection Association (NRCIA) inspector & contractor training. Our LeakFREE® Certification is the standard in quality.

Commercial Roof Inspections :: Home
Discover The CRI Difference. In theory, most managers of commercial and institutional facilities agree that regular inspections are essential for successful roof ...

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Roof Inspections
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Roof Inspections

A windstorm inspection, also referred to as a "windstorm mitigation inspection", windstorm insurance inspection or "Wind Mitigation Inspection", is a kind of home inspection common in the coastal areas of the Southeastern United States. The purpose of a windstorm inspection is to determine the appropriateness of a given structure's construction in the event of strong winds, such as those present in a hurricane.
Windstorm inspections look for construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes, such as a hip roof, concrete block construction, the presence of gable end bracing, shutters and opening protections, the presence of roof to wall attachments such as toe nails, clips or hurricane straps, and the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier.
A homeowner with windstorm insurance can often submit the results of a windstorm inspection to their insurer to obtain discounts on their windstorm insurance. In Florida, for example, premium discounts for certain favorable wind mitigation features are mandated by State law and can total 45% of the original policy's premium. In coastal parts of Texas, the State mandates windstorm inspections prior to certifying a

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Roof Inspections |San Diego Roofing

Roof Inspections |San Diego Roofing
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Essentials of Home Inspection: Roofing
Essentials of Home Inspection: Roofing
Published by Dearborn Real Estate 2003
ISBN 0793180708,9780793180707
432 pages


Home Inspection Lessons
Home Inspection Lessons
Published by Solid State Inspections Inc.
ISBN 9780991813308,0991813308

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Roof MD Announces Free Roof Inspections for Local Memphis Homes #pr


Roof MD Announces Free Roof Inspections for Local Memphis Homes #pr


Getting a yearly roof inspection can discover issues before they become full-blown problems! #roofer #roofrepair

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Dalzell hall, station roof needs work - but how much?
09/10/15, via News Tribune

Tonozzi proposed the option of repairing, not replacing, the roof, Karl Schlee, a certified mold inspector, would come in and assess the mold damage in the insulation. He would do a visual inspection and then take four different samples for mold at $95 ...

Koala gets stuck on a ten foot high roof after escaping two big dogs during a mating trip gone wrong
09/10/15, via Daily Mail

The marsupial was found perched on the roof of a pergola after he was forced to escape two ... one fireman was able to reach the koala and put him in a hessian bag. Upon inspection of the koala's condition Ms Simmons said that he was perfect, no marks ...

The Rebirth of the Burlington Station
09/10/15, via KETV Omaha

The steel on the roof passed inspection. The steel in other places did not. Like the north concourse, where people got on and off the train. It was far too gone to save. So were beams on the west side. They were actually hidden, and once uncovered ...

window, living room picture window - 33 - full view - unpaint'd roof edge - Lemonjello, Oranjello - IMG_3684 (20111014)
window, living room picture window - 33 - full view - unpaint'd roof edge - Lemonjello, Oranjello - IMG_3684 (20111014)

The "utility side" of our house, with all its glorious wires. I mainly took this picture to illustrate the soffit/roof edge on this side of the house. It remains unpainted, because all those wires are dangerous, and I don't feel like painting inches away from a live electrical wire. You can see the grey I painted on the very edges -- as far as my arms could reach from the corner -- but at no point was any ladder ever rested against this wall. And that side of the roof is pretty scary compared to the middle of the roof. So that part doesn't get painted. Who was the moron who used bright orange wires outside? Daniel M. Lopez's idiotic underlings at Virginia Design Builders, who were no longer licensed after fucking our job up, missing the contract deadline, the new deadline, and the deadline after that, and getting fined by the state. Watch out for any Hispanic construction companies operating out of Laurel, MD that employ anyone with the name Lopez, because from what I...

Photo by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

View from Deck 18
View from Deck 18

Photo by travelingnorthagency

Old Roof Inspection
Old Roof Inspection

Photo by JRMeenan