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Installation Instructions - 1010TR, 9915TR, US1110 Solar Powered Attic Fan

ussunlight. com 1010TR, 9915TR, US1110 Solar Powered Attic Fan.

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Hyundai upgrades the Santa Fe for 2015, with a new hands-free smart power hatch

The third row was close to the floor and firm, but it had cupholders, small cubbies, and separate controls for the HVAC system with vents on the roof. The captain's chairs folded and slid using separate handles for access to the third row, but didn't

Though considered safe, solar panels offer challenges to firefighters

On Friday, firefighters battled a fire at a medical office in Latham that started in the solar panels on the roof. Firefighters were able to get the flames doused within an hour, but they had to avoid walking on the still-charged panels and had to vent

2015 Toyota Prius Hatchback Review

An optional Solar Roof package for the Prius Three adds a sunroof and a solar-powered ventilation system that keeps the car cool while parked to limit the burden on the air-conditioning system. It's also offered for the Four, and then includes a head

June 23, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Source: Ask the Builder

The summer solstice was a few days ago. Now we're experiencing a solar storm that's messing up my amateur radio bands. The solar storm, however, is creating some great auroras in the night sky for some in the USA, so if it's clear at night, go out and look north. I worked on the train this past weekend for the storied Laconia Bike Week, but the traffic was way down. You may have responded to me about wanting to see my colorful bow tie and my new tattoo. CLICK HERE to see both. With me working up on my HOT roof, I've sort of become a water bottle expert the past month. I've got all sorts of water bottles around, and have tried them all to slake my unquenchable thirst. But two days ago, I received some very innovative water bottles from Contigo. They are the Autospout water bottles. Here's what I really like about these water bottles:. assortment of vivid colors angled straw that gets out the last drop hinged carry clip to snap onto a backpack loops, etc. button lock prevents accidental opening 100% BPA-free baby The bottom line is they're innovative - seriously. CLICK HERE to buy these great water bottles. Late last summer, I had a chance to test a portable evaporative cooler. This is a cooler that uses water flowing over a filter to extract heat from the air. They work great the higher the temperature and the LOWER the humidity of the air. This means they're of little use in Florida or NOLA but can save the day if you're just about anywhere west of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The outer plastic case seemed to me to be made from a low-quality plastic, but I'm no plastics expert. This is a device you can put outdoors to blow cooler air over you, your family and your friends as you sit on your patio or screened porch. The woman in the photo would be cooler working in her garden if she had it pointed at her. (Yes, I know it was a photo shoot and you want to see the front of the machine. I filled the unit with water, turned it on and in just a few minutes it was blowing cool air. A pump carries water from a reservoir up to a tray where the water then is distributed over a paper filter. A fan draws hot dry air through this filter and the heat is absorbed into the water. Since evaporation is a natural cooling process, the air coming out of the unit is cooler. As with anything like this, be sure to read other consumer reviews before you make a purchasing decision. CLICK HERE to get the specs on the unit or to consider buying it. Scroll back up to the top of this newsletter. com just above your name and right next to it is the date June 23, 2015. That's a link to this issue's mystery link. Here's a clue of what you'll discover when you click the above link:. Something is 100 times stronger than something else when you try to stretch it. CLICK THAT LINK for this issue's mystery column. Last issue I told you that I decided to do an investigative report on asphalt shingles - the most popular roofing material in the USA. I decided to do this because my IKO brand 40-year-guarantee shingles began to disintegrate after just 12 years. They're crumbling, brittle, cupping and losing granules with each drop of rain that falls on them. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) refuses to answer questions I've submitted. I received an email from the Certainteed PR rep this morning that they're also declining to answer my questions. Here's one of the things I pointed to in my questions to the top three manufacturers:. Prior to the 1960's many houses, if not all, had no soffit ventilation and most certainly no ridge ventilation. Most houses just had simplistic triangular small gable-end vents. Back then, shingles you'd see that did have large patches of exposed mat with no granules were almost always shingles that had far outlived their useful life. Why is it that many shingle manufacturers are now saying shingle failure is directly related to poor ventilation.

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Green Building: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction
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Solar Power Your Home For Dummies
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Manufacturer of standard and custom access door products including smoke vents. Smoke vents are used to release heat, smoke and noxious gases during emergency fire situations. Each vent is designed to automatically open when fusible link inside the vent ...

18 Feb 2010, 232/365
18 Feb 2010, 232/365

Our new solar panels, done right this time -- I hope! Interestingly, that vent pipe at dead center robs the panel behind it of around 1/3 of its generating capacity. Since they're on micro-inverters, the impact is limited to that one panel.

Photo by _sjg_