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GacoFlex S2000 100% Silicone Roof Coating 5 GALLON PAIL

  • 100% SILICONE. A single component...

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Need materials for your building project. Supplies we are Suppliers, Stockholders and Merchants of Box Profile Metal Sheeting, Roofing Products, Builders.

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Home Bazaar Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins

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One Man Killed, Five Injured: RL NEWS Briefs of the Week Oct. 21, 2015

The agreement supports the Port's larger goals under the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan to expand the use of clean energy and related infrastructure while continuing to improve air quality throughout Southern California. Key initiatives to

10 tips to prepare for the rainy season

Contractor Chuck Jewett, owner of Hull Brothers Roofing & Waterproofing, checks a townhomes wood siding damaged by termites at the Marina del Rey seaside community of Los Angeles on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015. While drought-plagued California is eager for

Global Distributed Generation (DG) Industry - Reportlinker Review

II-39 JinkoSolar Holding Inks PV Module Supply Agreement with Southern Power Grid Synthesis Energy II-39 Hanwha SolarOne Partners with GAEDZ to Develop 50MW DG PV Projects.. II-40 II-41 Atlantic Tele-Network Acquires Green Lake Capital

Winter Preparation for Vancouver Beekeepers

Source: Strathcona Beekeepers

It's October and there is still a minimal supply of nectar and pollen in our 4 acre garden from primarily the common Asian Aster, Japanese Anemone and Autumn Joy Sedum. I've identified our foraging shortage to occur in September to October so plan to separate the root balls of the Aster this fall to create more plants. When mature the Aster becomes a 1. 5 by 1. 5 metre (4 by 4 foot) bush with hundreds of flowers and can bloom well into October. We have about a hundred autumn flowering variety Asters in our 4 acre garden. A mixed diet is essential for the girls so I will also be planting other varieties of late blooming plants like Caryopteris 'Dark Knight' (Blue Mist Spirea), Dahlia, Hardy Fushia, Seven Sons flower (Autumn Lilac), Impatiens omeianan, Camellia... Winter preparation for bee colonies in Vancouver, like the writing of this post should have begun by August 1st or earlier ( Beekeeping Calendar for B. C. ). Much of what you do in preparation depends on your management style of beekeeping... The biggest problem I see with new beekeepers is not planning ahead. In our beekeeping coop new beekeepers are always rushing around for needed hive boxes and frames, feeders, robber screens, quilts …. The best advice I could give new beekeepers is to plan 2 months ahead of where you are at. Pest and disease... Evidence of chalk brood or nosema would indicate a weak colony ( Honey Bee Diseases and Parasites ). Increased ventilation and removal of old comb can be done to combat the chalk brood and a pollen patty/fumagillin mixture may help combat the nosema. Mite treatments like formic acid can continue into October as long as there is a day time high temp of 10c and oxalic acid is usually done in December when there is little to no brood present. A reduced screened entrance using eighth inch hardware cloth can be used to allow for needed ventilation during formic acid treatments while providing a more easily defended reduced entrance. The bee colonies are actively into winter preparation by increased house cleaning, increased hive defense and the removal of drones. The drones having fulfilled their roles in hive thermoregulation and mating become a liability as they do not participate in foraging or hive tasks and can consume twice that of worker bees. Hygienic house cleaning (i. e removal of dead bees, applying antiseptic propolis. ) which is difficult in the cold of winter when the bees are confined to the cluster is an important part of disease reduction. With the decrease in available forage robbing and wasp attacks become a real concern so guard bees will become more defensive and in the wild the colony may reduce the size of the entrance with propolis and wax. The beekeeper can assist by reducing the entrance to as small as 1. 5 centimeters or a half inch to make it easier to defend. If wasp attacks or robbing persists you can use a robber screen which are easy to make. If you live in cold northern climates like Winterpeg either you wrap and insulate or you bring the girls inside. Insulation is not necessary in Vancouver and can be counter productive by keeping the heat out and preventing the hive from warming up. Some local beekeepers wrap their hives with black roofing paper to prevent wind penetration and to help absorb... Warmer means more active bees and more food consumption. Wrapping would warm the hives and get the girls flying earlier in the day increasing their pollen and nectar intake and stimulate egg laying. Wintering your bees is like real estate value in that the 3 most important considerations are location, location and location. Location dictates the methods you will use to protect your bees from the elements. Windbreaks are essential in some areas where there are cold, winter winds. In winter Vancouver has a predominant, low pressure weather pattern with winds from the southeast.

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Home Bazaar HB-2048L Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins - Signature Series

Home Bazaar HB-2048L Clubhouse Birdhouse For Purple Martins - Signature Series


Price: $294.38

This is the large format of the popular Club House Bird House (HB-2048) inspired by the classic Southern Plantation style clubhouse at the most famous site in the world of golf. 16 Purple Martin families will nest in style in this fully functional house constructed of exterior grade plyboard, pine shingled roof that is topped with a non toxic outdoor paint. The top lifts off with the removal of four screws to allow yearly cleaning. The "Crows Nest" has screened venting to provide additional ventilation. Item Dimensions: 15.5" H x 21" W x 21" D


Southern Shingles Southern Shingles - Roofing Materials ...
Welcome to Southern Shingles. At Southern Shingles, we understand you need a roof that not only looks great and provides exceptional protection from the elements, but ...

Southern Roof Center: Delivering Roofing Materials And ...
Southern Roof Center is a distributor of residential roofing, commercial roofing and exterior building materials through our four locations throughout Georgia and ...

Southern Shingles Southern Shingles - Roofing Materials ...
Southern Shingles offers one of the most comprehensive lines of commercial roofing products from asphalt shingles to commercial roofing, ventilation products ...

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Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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United Roofing Supply in Los Angeles | United Roofing Supply (323
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Residential Roofing And Commercial Roofing Materials

Residential Roofing And Commercial Roofing Materials
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in supply inc access to southern roofing jacksonville fl roofing ...

in supply inc access to southern roofing jacksonville fl roofing ...
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Google Books

Hill's Wilmington (North Carolina) City Directory
Hill's Wilmington (North Carolina) City Directory

Southern Living Roofing & Siding
Southern Living Roofing & Siding
Published by Sunset Publishing Company 2000
ISBN 0376090790,9780376090799
128 pages

Shows how to repair and install roofing and siding; discusses gutters, downspouts, and caulking; and offers advice on selecting materials.

Cooking recipes

Southern Pecan Pie II
Ingredients:butter, butter, egg yolks, eggs, flour, flour, water, corn syrup, milk, pecan, salt, vanilla extract, sugar, sugar

Southern Corn Pone Bread
Ingredients:buttermilk, vegetable oil, eggs, salt, cornmeal

Good Ole' Down Home in Georgia Southern Fried Chicken
Ingredients:bacon grease, black pepper, buttermilk, flour, garlic powder, lard, salt, chicken

Southern Scalloped Potatoes
Ingredients:butter, flour, potato, milk, onions, salt

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Beacon Roofing Supply Completes its Acquisition of Roofing Supply Group
10/01/15, via Financial Content

Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. (Nasdaq: BECN ... with an enhanced presence in the Southern and Western United States and the Pacific Northwest. Paul Isabella, President & CEO of Beacon, stated: "We are pleased to announce the completion of the RSG ...

Beacon Roofing Supply Completes Its Acquisition Of Roofing Supply Group
10/01/15, via The Street

Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. (Nasdaq: BECN ... with an enhanced presence in the Southern and Western United States and the Pacific Northwest. Paul Isabella, President & CEO of Beacon, stated: "We are pleased to announce the completion of the RSG acquisition ...

Beacon Roofing Supply Completes its Acquisition of Roofing Supply Group
10/01/15, via Digital Journal

--(Business Wire)--Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. (Nasdaq: BECN ... with an enhanced presence in the Southern and Western United States and the Pacific Northwest. Paul Isabella, President & CEO of Beacon, stated: "We are pleased to announce the completion ...

H. T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Work Building 1--Facade
H. T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Work Building 1--Facade

I’m still unable to be an active Flickr participant with bandwidth limits imposed by my ISP. Flickr very actively consumes megabytes. Thank you for taking time to view this photo. If you comment, however, it’s still unlikely I’ll be able to return the favor, sad to say. [This is a series of 10 photos] This is a creative commons image, which you may freely use by linking to this page. Please respect the photographer and his work. H.T. Klugel Architectural Sheet Metal Works was established in Emporia,, Virginia in 1914 at the junction of two rail lines—the Atlantic Coast Line and the Southern Railroad. This location was to figure in the expansion of his business. Klugel, a tinsmith, was from Danville, Illinois, learning the trade from his father. His shop produced a variety of goods for local needs such as cornices, gutters, drain pipes, stove flues, marquees, decorative details, and others. A customer, who might need prefabricated pressed metal ceilings, he would have them select...

Photo by Universal Pops (David)

Regensburg on the Danube
Regensburg on the Danube

From my set entitled “Regensburg” In my collection entitled “Rhine Main Danube” In my photostream From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Regensburg, also Ratisbon, Latin: Ratisbona, Czech: Řezno, originally Castra Regina, meaning Fortresses on the Regen river) is a city (population 131,000 in 2007) in Bavaria, Germany, located at the confluence of the Danube and Regen rivers, at the northernmost bend in the Danube. To the east lies the Bavarian Forest. Regensburg is the capital of the Bavarian administrative region Upper Palatinate. The large medieval center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first settlements in Regensburg date to the Stone Age. The Celtic name Radasbona was the oldest name given to a settlement near the present city. Around AD 90 the Romans built a small...

Photo by bill barber

Consider This
Consider This

If you look at this, and still wonder why there will be an eventual food supply if the trend continues to be like this -- and if you still ask questions why we will have an unavoidable food and water shortage -- then you're really dumb. Shot taken over "Baytown Village", on an approach to Manila INternational Airport's Runway 06. Bacoor, Cavite Philippines

Photo by Storm Crypt