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Plain Tiles: Add A Block of Colour - Spring 2016

Add a block of colour into your home this season with our selection of Plain Tiles. Browse now.

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Jayne Dawson: Wiping out your past is easy – just grab a pot of paint

Your children grow, styles change, your stuff gets old fashioned, or it just plain wears out. Behind the radiators, painted as far as you could reach, you will find evidence of your changing tastes in many different colours; as the old kitchen

Baby Driver movie review: Edgar Wright's fabulously innovative jukebox heist caper

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It's a very grown up album, reflecting the maturity of this electronic music icon, and is infused with future jazz and soul so beautiful and multi-layered that it seems to have come from a higher plain. He's been on quite a journey, It's a bright

Jayne Dawson: Wiping out your past is easy – just grab a pot of paint - Yorkshire Evening Post


Live in a house long enough and you will erase many past lives. Your children grow, styles change, your stuff gets old fashioned, or it just plain wears out. All these things leave a mark. I could be fanciful and say they mark the very fabric of your home - but what I mean is they leave the evidence in dirt and daft decorating on your walls. Some twenty years ago, when the daughter was little, the brother-in-law knocked up the carcass of a wardrobe for her. It was a cheap thing though it maxed out the budget at the time, and put together so long ago that the brother-in-law doesn’t even live on this continent anymore. But it did the job, did it so well that we never got around to painting all of it. What with jobs, kids, life. The doors got a coat of white but the plywood frame stayed naked, until now. It is now white all over, every centimetre of it. Even the floor. Except for that past life, the one I have wiped out. At the back of the wardrobe, once it was emptied of its many coats, jackets, winter boots, bags and the spare duvet, was the daughter’s early teenage life. Scrawled all over the back wall were her young thoughts: lyrics from Britney Spears’ songs. slogans that were sassy as could be for a girl child in the early ‘90s. messages from other girl children who had joined her to write on the back of the wardrobe. Also, underneath the teenage wall art - all in thick black felt tip by the way - I discovered an example of early-90s rag rolling (orange) and a matching orange wallpaper border. Then I obliterated the lot with many coats of paint. This time I needed bright and white more than I needed my child’s teenage handwriting. When my son left home for the first time - there were other times - I painted his bedroom pink the very next day and moved his poster of Uma Thurman in Reservoir Dogs into the loft. I confess that was by way of a punishment for leaving me. But time moves on and the marks of past lives have to go. You will have done it yourself. Those lines marking the heights of your growing offspring are the hardest to part with, but they can’t stay forever. We had those when I was growing up , though we also had the dates of when the guppy fish were born scrawled on the same wall and given equal importance - a legacy of my mother’s brief interest in tropical fish. Those scuffs and scratches that tell the story of when you got that table stuck on the bend of the stairs, the burn mark that marks the day your candlelit winter evening went wrong, the dent in the ceiling from the day that can exploded and nearly... Behind the radiators, painted as far as you could reach, you will find evidence of your changing tastes in many different colours. as the old kitchen cupboards are ripped out you will remember the you who saw that kitchen and then slapped in an offer on the house with less deliberation than you would give to buying a pair of shoes. And as you strip the little bedroom of its babyish wallpaper, you will remember the day you stood there, all pregnant and full of excitement and fear, looking at a newly-assembled cot. I don’t know if walls have ears, but they can definitely tell stories. STOP THE VINYL REVIVAL PLEASE. Oh this lust for vinyl music is doing my head in. At every turn I am confronted by that which I had and have lost. I had a lovely little record collection - not huge because by the age of 22 I was spending my money on keeping the baby fed and clothed - but there were a few gems in there: Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, the Sex Pistols, that kind of thing. But, wouldn’t you know, I lost it. Somewhere on the bumpy path through life things were put into storage during the difficult process of a house move, and then the record collection was mostly gone. Maybe by accident, maybe by someone’s design, the result was the same. So now I gnash my teeth at the thought of treasures lost whenever the stories surface about the soaring sales of vinyl - millions a year are now sold. Worse than that, old record players are now being snapped up. Record players. There was the portable Bush one that my dad brought home one day, a big grey box intended purely for him but eventually I managed to make it my own. there was the one I bought with my own money from Woolworths and played loud in my.

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Vinyl and rubber sheet flooring in beautiful plain colours ...
Beautiful plain colour vinyl and rubber sheet flooring from £28 per square metre. We do a range of modern colours including white, black, grey, red

Vinyl flooring | Sheet Vinyl Flooring | Armstrong Flooring
Armstrong Flooring offers a wide variety of beautiful and realistic vinyl sheet flooring designs made to match any design style.

Vinyl Flooring Installation — The Colour Flooring Company
Pure-coloured vinyl flooring looks best when laid on a beautifully smooth sub-floor, which is easily achieved with the right preparation work. (No underlay requ

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Architect's Pocket Book of Kitchen Design
Architect's Pocket Book of Kitchen Design
Published by Routledge 2006
ISBN 9781136429224,1136429220
224 pages

As with the best-selling 'Architects Pocket Book' this title includes everyday information which the architect/designer normally has to find from a wide variety of sources and which is not always easily to hand. Focusing on kitchen design, this book is of use to the student as well as the experienced practitioner. It outlines all the information needed to design a workable kitchen, including ergonomics, services such as water and waste, appliances, and material choices for the floor, walls and ceiling. There is no similar compendium currently available.

The Architectural Review
The Architectural Review

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Plain Roasted Artichoke Hearts
Ingredients:artichoke, butter, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt

Plain Ole Italian Bread Abm
Ingredients:yeast, bread flour, brown sugar, olive oil, salt, water

Macaroni and Cheese with Garlic Bread Crumbs, Plain and Chipotle
Ingredients:bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, flour, garlic, heavy cream, elbow macaroni, whole milk, mustard powder, olive oil, butter, chilies, butter

Beets - Plain and Simple
Ingredients:beets, water

would there be any houses?
would there be any houses?

Some people still believe that web design is plain fun work for people who don´t want much trouble and a relatively easy income... I invite you to read this piece not mine -sorry it´s long- to get closer to the real thing. It is pretty accurate as an example of an average 'quote request' a designer gets, but in this case sent to an architect to build a house. Ooooh yes, but we work from home. -How cool- ...crazy. --- If Architects had to work like Web Designers Dear Mr. Architect: Please design and build me a house. I am not quite sure of what I need, so you should use your discretion. My house should have somewhere between two and forty-five bedrooms. Just make sure the plans are such that the bedrooms can be easily added or deleted. When you bring the blueprints to me, I will make the final decision of what I want. Also, bring me the cost breakdown for each configuration so that I can arbitrarily pick one. Keep in mind that the house I ultimately choose must cost less than...

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Flooring choices – room by room
Flooring choices – room by room

via WordPress There are many things to consider when choosing flooring for your home. The type of room and its use is the first and most obvious factor. What look or atmosphere are you trying to create? How durable does it need to be? What’s your budget? These are important initial questions. But perhaps you’re also concerned about using natural and or sustainable/environmentally friendly products. Perhaps someone in your household suffers from allergies, some floor coverings are more suitable than others. There are lots of products available on the market to fit all criteria. Sitting room / dining room / lounge In houses nowadays, the sitting room, dining room and lounge areas are often designed to be open plan. This means that the flooring is often the same throughout, giving a seamless flow to the space. These areas form the main living spaces of the house so flooring should have a sense of warmth. Soft surfaces such as carpet spring to mind. It provides the...

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Brazilian sunflower .. Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers (HQ) by marsmettn474  ...
Brazilian sunflower .. Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers (HQ) by marsmettn474 ...

They are Western Civilization's Lex Luther -- an enemy of near-equal genius committed to a polar opposite set of principals and outcomes. Defeating them requires one core insight into the paradox: KAOS, the avatars of randomness, lust and nihilism, are ultimately a rational -- even ordered -- lot. They are as predictable as the natural urges that enslave them. . ........................................... img code photo ... Louise Jeanne Parker (March 2009) ........................................... . Louise Hemeon Sizemore | Facebook ... . November 07, 2015 at 10:49 AM EST . ........*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ......... . Flickr Explore #gallery_scraps . ByCharterSchool .. browse .. all .. Popular All Time ... . Viewer Discretion Is Advised .. Check it Out !!! ......

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