How Do You Clean Vinyl Siding

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Do-it-Yourself : Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a great siding material because it lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance. But just like anything else that gets exposed to the elements,.

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The Bad Deed that Robbed Compton Avenue of Its Most Iconic Church

The siding widens from the base upward, leading the eye toward the flat roof, topped by a four-sided cross that looks almost like a 3-D paper cutout–a tasteful one. In the 1940s, the whole exterior was painted a brownish, . She began prophesying as

A Dead Simple Way to Clean Vinyl Siding Without a Power Washer

When the vinyl siding on your house starts getting all gross and mucky, there are a few ways to deal with it. You can go hunt down a power washer, or you can get in touch with your inner alchemist and whip up a homemade bleach or vinegar cleaning

Building hope

Every Saturday until the house is finished and dedicated, VHHS students are out working on it. After framing and standing the walls, club members install insulation and tile flooring, attach vinyl siding, occasionally attach roofing, paint, clean and

The Bad Deed that Robbed Compton Avenue of Its Most Iconic Church - Atlas Obscura


and Compton Avenue, in Los Angeles, belonged to the city’s historic registry when he stumbled upon it late in 2013. Nor did he know that Vienna-born architect Rudolph Schindler, revered for his economical risk-taking, had designed it in 1944. He... He wanted a building in this neighborhood. Once he did learn about Schindler, Pastor Ashley embraced the architect’s legacy as if God had placed it in his hands. Schindler aficionados started stopping by before he and his congregation, Faith Build International, finished moving in. A local designer, Brendan Ravenhill, donated chandeliers custom-made to suit the building’s easy, wide-open elegance, and... Local press outlets described him and his congregation as “resurrecting” a forgotten treasure. The day he spoke to a public television reporter, Pastor Ashley stood on the balcony above the altar as light shone in through high, narrow windows behind him. The church’s architect didn’t think like other people, Ashley said. “Schindler had this designed to get people to look up, to elevate their heads,” he continued, “elevate their consciousness. ” This church isn’t like the others on Compton, a street full of historic churches. Those buildings have steeples, stained glass windows or stairs leading up to prominent front doors. Schindler’s building sidesteps such norms–the main door, confusingly, is to the side. Brief accounts in scholarly books or newspapers tend to focus on the architecture, its horizontal lines or cruciform tower. Some accounts mention how Schindler crossed racial and economic barriers to build the church, or describe the area as poor and gang infested, but go no further. This means the compelling story of spirituality, aspiration and greed that envelops the church remains unrecorded. There's little written about the congregation that commissioned the architect, the building’s acquisition by a radical female minister, or its theft in a convoluted real estate fraud that generated a 1,500-page police file. Rectifying this makes more sense than ever now, when for the first time, the Schindler church is on the market for a price only warranted by its monument status, and Faith Build International may be the last South L. A. congregation to afford to... He told the story of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, who threatened to kill any “wise men” who could not interpret a baffling dream. The way Pastor Ashley told it, it sounded like the king had intended to execute all Babylon’s people, which made young Daniel appear that much more valiant when he arrived to explain that Nebuchadnezzar had been dreaming about approaching famine. Less than a year later, in March 2015, Pastor Ashley evoked different Bible characters. “It’s a David and Goliath story,” he told me over the phone. He and his congregation were David, the building’s owners Goliath. Faith Build International had initially made a $17,500 down payment on the church to lease it with the option to buy, Pastor Ashley explained. But the owners, a Beverly Hills-based investment group called Yamato Capital Fund, had surprised him by putting the church up for sale, at a price of $1. 8 million. They listed it with an agency, Crosby Doe Associates, known for engineering the high-grossing sales of historic homes by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner. ) By autumn 2015, the building’s price had dropped to $1. 49 million, but Faith Build International was gone. "It's been quite a while since Bethlehem Baptist Church, the only church designed by modernist master Rudolph Schindler, served its original purpose,” read a December post about the building on real estate news site Curbed L. A. This is a trend... A footnote in Paul Goldberg’s 2014 biography of architect Frank Gehry describes the church as “abandoned for years and nearly lost. There’s a story about a Getty Researcher riding by on his bike late in 2008 and “discovering” the derelict building. In 2009, after the church received its Historical-Cultural Monument status, newspaper reports cited the owner’s absence from the ceremony, implying the building had no concerned steward.

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AudioQuest Record Cleaner Brush & Spin-Clean MKII Record Washer Starter Kit

AudioQuest Record Cleaner Brush & Spin-Clean MKII Record Washer Starter Kit

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Price: $99.69

This Package Includes: 1 - AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush 1 - Spin Clean MKII Record Washer Starter Kit Anti-Static Record Brush In creating AQs new Conductive Carbon Fiber Brush AudioQuest created new tooling for every part of this new design. AQs reborn brush has ideal conductivity from the Carbon Fibers through the internal parts of the brush to the conductive gold contacts placed right where your fingers need them. AudioQuest has also reinvestigated what is possible with Carbon Fibers finally choosing for their new brush a far greater quantity of new smaller fibers in order to more effectively sweep away micro-dirt not just the less relevant visible dust. Highlights Safe fast and effective tool for removing dust and debris from vinyl records Conductive carbon fiber bristles and conductive gold contacts remove microscopic dust before it becomes embedded in the vinyl Keeps records sounding like new Also perfect for computer keyboards and much more MKII Record Washer Starter Kit With the Spin-Clean MKII standard unit and included accessories youre ready to begin removing the grime from your grooves. What's the best way to clean vinyl records? Spin-Clean - an easy effective and affordable way to clean your LPs 45s and 78 RPMs without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device. With the Spin-Clean Record Washer MK II record cleaning system youll add years to all of your equipment including your turntable stylus (needle) and of course your record collection. Anyone who has used the conventional brush-type or spray-and-wipe record cleaners knows their limited ability and how awkward they are. Simply put these other cleaners do not remove all the dirt dust and grime out of the grooves of your old records. And unlike other record cleaning machines the Spin-Clean Record Washer MK II enables you to deep-clean both sides of your vinyl record at once with unparalleled results. Don't be fooled by imitators. The Spin-Clean Record Washer has been on


Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding - VSI | VSI
How do I wash vinyl siding? The best way to clean vinyl siding is to ... behind the siding. You should also ... of vinyl siding. While VSI does not ...

How to Clean Vinyl Siding - Bob Vila
Another effective way to clean vinyl siding is by using a pressure washer, ... not at an angle. That way, you won’t drive water in behind the siding.

How do I clean my vinyl siding before applying Vinyl Renu
Clean your exterior vinyl siding with Renu cleaner concentrate. ... before applying Vinyl Renu. ... How do I clean my vinyl siding before applying Vinyl Renu

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding
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Before Cleaning

Before Cleaning
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How to clean vinyl siding

How to clean vinyl siding
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500 Simple Home Repair Solutions
500 Simple Home Repair Solutions
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2008
ISBN 158816683X,9781588166838
272 pages

Presents easy-to-accomplish home repairs in question-and-answer format, divided into three sections--exterior, interior, and electromechanicals--covering such topics as plumbing, heating, landscaping, windows, doors, and roofs.

About the House with Henri de Marne
Published by Upper Access Books 2007
ISBN 094267930X,9780942679304
453 pages

"For over 32 years, homeowners throughout the US and Canada have depended on Henri de Marne to answer their questions in his syndicated newspaper column, 'First Aid for the Ailing House'. With this book, you can find the answers whenever you need them. De Marne has updated all the answers for this book, to reflect the latest in research, materials, methods, concerns, and tastes. The result is a comprehensive manual for today's homeowners, a ready reference to consult whenever things go wrong or improvements are planned"--Page 4 of cover.

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Pruno Not Just For The Socially Comdemned Anymore---how To Make Prison Wine Recipe
Ingredients:fruit cocktail, fruit juice, ketchup, sugar, water, yeast

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How do you resurface a shower floor?
09/12/15, via Burlington Free Press A Gannett Company

Q: We have an acrylic-type shower floor that is about ... This is the best general cleaning solution I know of. Painters who have used it following my recommendation have said the same thing. You can also clean the vinyl siding and gutters with the same ...

At Home Living: Siding factors to consider
06/26/15, via Capital-Journal Online

Maintenance: Will a little soap and an annual power wash be enough to clean ... siding costs are quoted in linear foot increments, how do you convert those numbers to calculate square foot requirements? What can a homeowner expect to pay for vinyl ...

How To: Paint Vinyl Siding
11/05/14, via

To paint vinyl siding ... how to clean vinyl siding in the past. The goal is to remove all mold, mildew, chalky buildup, and debris from the surface. Use a cloth or a soft-bristled brush to apply the cleaning solution over all the vinyl siding you wish ...

Appointment for Sin (1962) ...item 2.. When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot --  friction-intensive sex  (October 31, 2011) ...item 3.. My Year in Waxing School (Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET) ...
Appointment for Sin (1962) ...item 2.. When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot -- friction-intensive sex (October 31, 2011) ...item 3.. My Year in Waxing School (Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET) ...

Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of $22,150 to $31,990. This figure doesn't include tips, which can total another $4,430 to $6,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way. And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands. . ........***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ........ . I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.) If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that...

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"Toys of Christmas Past"
"Toys of Christmas Past"

Did you know that toys and games have been part of childhood for thousands of years? As early as 4000 B.C. (before Christ), games became a source of entertainment. At that time, people of Babylon played a game that preceded the present day game of chess. 4000 BC - A Babylonian game, which is the ancestor of modern draughts begins to be played 3000 BC - First Game resembling modern Backgammon is played in Sumeria. 2000 BC - Stone marbles first used in Egypt. 1000 BC - Kites appear in China. Stone Yo-Yos begin to be used in Greece 600 BC - An ancestor of chess called ‘Chaturanga’ is played in India. 1759 - Roller skates are invented by Joseph Merlin. Victorian Era - Victorian children had fewer toys than you have today. Poor Children - Poor families made their own, such as cloth-peg dolls and paper windmills. Children would save their pocket money to buy marbles, a spinning top, skipping ropes, kites or cheap wooden toys. Rich Children had rocking horses with real...

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UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan
UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan

JAPANAMANIA This November we brought “UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab covers project” to Tokyo and Kyoto. What a surreal excursion. Japan is far out. Tokyo is a megalopolis buzzing at the seams with inertia. No space is unoccupied for long. Human traffic flash floods every intersection. Great masses swirl in their busy courses weaving like bees bathed in neon. The constant bellows and barks of Parisians or New Yorkers are absent. The people of Tokyo move quietly. It is their buildings that do the talking. Giant video screens crown towers. Their flashes and screeches rapidly boast of the latest techno-gizmo as spazz-out techno breaks scatter across the block. It’s easy to experience vertigo from the ground here. Tokyo is compact and chaotic. Stores and restaurants are hidden deep within glass and steel exteriors. Want those boots? Take the elevator to the 16th floor, turn left, right, and try them on. This is an altogether different land. If you don’t speak Japanese,...

Photo by dublabrat